Andela is going Global targeting Engineering Talent in Latin and South America

New York-based startup, Andela, a talent network that helps tech companies build remote engineering teams from Africa, has today announced plans for global expansion of their engineering talent. The company says over the last 6 months, they have experienced an increase of over 750% in applications from qualified engineers outside Africa. In March alone, over 30% of the inbound engineer applications came from outside Africa with half coming from Latin America.

Andela has a proven track record connecting remote engineers with opportunities from businesses across the globe and is perfectly positioned to support global talent for businesses worldwide. With engineers from 37 countries across five continents, Andela clients have access to a truly global network of talented engineers. The company explains that expanding into new regions allows its clients to tap into regional expertise and nuances that can support their international growth.

“Andela’s mission is to connect brilliance with opportunity. This expansion has always been part of our long term roadmap, and we’re excited that the world is ready for it. When we began inviting developers from across Africa to apply last year, we more than doubled the number of countries represented. We’re already seeing the same effects in new regions, and we’re excited to welcome new talent into our growing community,” said Jeremy Johnson, CEO at Andela. “The future of work is now, and this expansion continues our march towards bringing us all closer together.”

Andela Announces Global Talent Expansion

Andela’s global expansion provides clients with greater diversity, which McKinsey reported to be a major factor in delivering innovation and company growth. Andela clients will have more flexibility to build diverse teams across country borders, skill sets, time zones, and cultures. The future of remote work is global, and Andela provides a vital link to talent wherever it is found.

Dana Lawson, VP of Engineering at GitHub confirms, “As a business in the developer tool space, a lot of us are trying to enter those areas of the world (Southeast Asia, Latin America, and Africa) where the emergent developers are coming so we can better understand their needs. Having a local presence there with amazing talent is super valuable to building a global product.” 

“We’ve seen exponential growth and interest from engineers from across Africa, who want to work with some of the world’s most exciting technology-focused companies. Growing our network of talent from Africa, to include more markets, is a unique proposition and we continue to match talent with opportunity, beyond geographical boundaries. Our globalization will further increase our footprint, creating more opportunities for Andela to showcase the visibility into the capabilities of engineers from the continent,” said Martin Chikilian, Head of Talent Operations at Andela.

Even with the fast global growth experienced, Andela says Africa is also expanding rapidly, with 500% growth in applications within the past six months. 

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