TECNO is a leading player in combining AI with mobile camera innovations – Counterpoint

Counterpoint Technology Market Research, a global research firm specializing in products in the Technology, Media, and Telecom industry, recently released a white-paper titled: “Technology Convergence Clicks in Smartphone Cameras”. The report charts the intertwined evolution of both the smartphone and camera technology and predicts that these ecosystems will be increasingly dependent on each other for progress, given current trends in Artificial Intelligence (AI) computing power in smartphones.

In its report, Counterpoint has cited TECNO, a rising smartphone brand, with its flagship camera phone CAMON 17 to be launched in May, to be a leading player in combining AI with mobile camera innovations. Counterpoint points out that TECNO has developed an advanced image signal processing system TAIVOS (TECNO AI Vision Optimization Solution), which can enhance photography effects under complex light conditions. TAIVOS interprets raw data through an AI multi-framed, portrait segmentation based on tens of millions of data points, which can filter image noise better and optimise image clarity, thereby enhancing night photography.

Bringing together camera technology with smartphones has been a core tenet of user demands since its introduction 20 years ago, with the release of Japan’s Kyocera VP-210 in 1999. Today, more than one-third of all smartphones have 32-108 Megapixels. This is the most common band, of which 48MP and 64MP seem to be considered the mainstream currently. TECNO says the upcoming CAMON 17 Pro is representative of this category and will be bringing the the selfie experience to the new high with a 48MP front camera.

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Expect not only the phones, but also the cameras to get smarter, as AI plays an increasing role in smartphone development. Smartphone AI is now capable of assisting users to edit right from their phones. User-friendly editing tools help the average user to perform complex effects and functions without flipping through thick instruction manuals. AI has helped in removing or reducing background noise and clutter, conceal blemishes and re-engineer body shapes to an appreciable degree.

TECNO promises that the Camon 17 PRO will be bringing the next generation of TAIVOS to users. The Super Night Mode in CAMON 17 Pro adds what TECNO describes as unrivalled clarity to the photos even when they are taken in the dark. TAIVOS enables the 1.6 μm camera on the Camon 17 PRO to let in more light and optimise details against a low-light background.

The Camon 17 PRO will come with 8GB RAM and 256GB Storage, which TECNO says will go a long way in ensuring seamless switching between applications and a smooth experience throughout. There’s a also a huge 5000mAh battery with support for Flash charging.


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