Telkom introduces affordable ‘Mambo’ bundles

Telkom Kenya has introduced two new monthly data bundles under a new “Mambo” tariff. The new bundles will be targeted at prepaid customers giving them what Telkom describes as data and minutes at a competitive price.

Here’s a breakdown of the new Mambo bundles from Telkom:

  1. Mambo 99 – Daily data allocation of 99MB, along with daily 99 on-net minutes for KSh 99 for a period of 30 days. 
  2. Mambo 199 – Daily data allocation of 250MB, plus daily 100 on-net minutes for a monthly amount of KSh 199

Telkom Kenya says the new bundle proposition will see its prepaid customers benefit from increased data allocations, non-expiry bundles and competitive voice allocations. The Mambo 99 bundles, the company explains, have been informed by new customer consumption patterns at a time when Kenyans are limiting their movement.

Announcing the new bundles, Telkom’s Director for Marketing, Eric Achola said: “Our customers continue to demand great experiences at competitive pricing. They also want new propositions that address their integral communication needs like browsing, downloading, streaming and updating their apps, to meet their day-to-day needs.” Telkom prepaid customers can sign up for the bundle by dialing *544# or via My Telkom App and My Account portal.

Telkom shared this table on the new bundles. Notice that the company says non-expiry bundles, but there’s a validity of 30 days in the shared table:

Bundle namePrice in KShData Bundle allocationOn-net minutes allocationValidity
Mambo 999999MB (Daily)99 minutes (daily)30 days
Mambo 199199250MB (Daily)100 minutes (daily)30 days


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