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How to pay for NTSA services using T-Kash

Telkom’s T-Kash is now a payment option under eCitizen. So if you’re using a Telkom line, with T-Kash activated, you can receive government services and pay for them directly from your line.

Among the services you can pay for under the NTSA Portal include Includes applying for a provisional driving license, book a driving test, getting a driving license, pay fees and tracking your application:

Here’s how to pay with T-Kash for NTSA Services:

  • Login to the NTSA Portal
  • Find and access your desired NTSA Service
  • Follow the normal instructions for whatever service you may be looking for.
  • On the Choose Your Payment Method step select the “Telkom T-kash” option as show below:
How to pay for NTSA services using T-Kash
  • Follow the Payment instructions as indicated for the service requested and complete the Payment once the T-kash payment successfully goes through. 
How to pay for NTSA services using T-Kash
  • Download the Payment Receipt and follow the instructions from the NTSA Portal on what comes next for whatever services you may have been looking for.

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