Huawei’s Petal Maps introduces new features exclusive for Africa

Huawei has announced that users across Africa will from today experience an enhanced version of Petal Maps. The new version will include a new range of features including dark mode, navigation over other apps, third-party hotel booking, and destination reviews.

The company says, these new features are designed to make journey mapping much easier, and more enjoyable. These new features come as an addition to other features available including heads-up display, and real-time road condition updates.

Huawei says, to help users navigate and explore the world easily and intuitively, the updated Petal Maps incorporates add-ons from prominent global partners, and now includes features such as ‘advanced navigation’ and user-generated ‘co-created maps’.

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Advanced Navigation: Huawei says Petal Maps has transformed navigation by pioneering features such as Air Gestures and HUD (heads-up display) mode, and the enhanced version now introduces navigation display over other apps. This keeps an ongoing navigation visible to the user even when switching apps, by appearing in a floating window. This makes it easy for users to focus on the road and navigating easily while driving. When the route encounters a fork in the road, Petal Maps provides intelligent updates that take local terrain into account, such as an uphill or downhill slope, for quick visual identification, and safe and efficient navigation.

Co-created Maps: The enhanced version of Petal Maps also supports a location-specific comments feature, through which users can use text, images, and ratings to leave a comment on a particular location. These reviews can then be viewed by other users, creating a user-generated content layer over the map itself. This brings users the opportunity to share their experiences as modern-day explorers, and to make navigation entertaining. 

Saved Places: Petal Maps also includes the ‘saved places’ feature, which enables users to save favourite places with one click, group saved places with ease, and ultimately use them as travel destinations for exiting trips. Users can also create custom names for their saved places and groups for a more personalized experience.

Users in Africa can update Petal Maps manually or choose for the application to update automatically via settings. Petal maps is available to download on HUAWEI AppGallery and Google Play Store. 


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