Safaricom increases Home Fibre Prices in line with new Excise Duty taxes

For everyone who uses Safaricom Home Fibre, starting the new month, the charges have been revised to accommodate the new 20% excise duty which President Uhuru Kenyatta assented to with the new Finance Act.

All the current Home Fibre bouquets have been affected, and you can see the old prices vis-a-vis the new prices in the table below:

Packages  8 Mbps
20 Mbps
40 Mbps
100 Mbps
Old PriceKES 2,900KES 3,999KES 5,999KES 11,999
New PriceKES 2,999KES 4,100KES 6,299KES 12,499
Monthly Fair Use 1Mbps after 500GB3Mbps after 1000GB 3Mbps after 1000GB3Mbps after 1000GB

The new changes are necessitated by the new taxes, there would be no way around it for the company. Here it’s really all on the government.

The new prices come months after the company permanently doubled speeds post-lockdown, and introduced new fair usage policies to ensure the service felt great for all customers.

It remains to be seen how customers react to the extra charges, and if it will be a welcome move for everyone who uses and relies on Safaricom Home Fibre. Will the extra costs make sense for the consumers at a time when prices of other basic commodities have also been hiked?

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