MyMovies.Africa partnership with Moringa School to offer students practical work experience

MyMovies.Africa – a Kenyan-made Digital Cinema Extension, offering Film across Africa and to its Diaspora, has Partnered with Moringa School– a pioneer in accelerated quality, tech-focused Workforce Development in Africa, to offer their Students the practical Experience of Working in Software Development and Data Science for a Company.

The training Partnership seeks to equip Moringa School students with hands-on Experience in Improving the Customer Experience and Developing new Features for MyMovies.Africa™, while Enabling the Digital Media Company to Shortlist new Talent for Internships and Employment opportunities.

“This Partnership has been a Needle-mover for MyMovies.Africa™; and it fulfills our Ambition of Developing our own homegrown Technology, by Harnessing the talented Youth of Africa”, says Mike Strano, Co-Founder & Business Development and Regulatory Affairs Director.

Since December 2020, the Partnership has seen five Software Development cohorts and one Data Science cohort successfully work with MyMovies.Africa™ to improve their service’s Customer Experience.

“Working with Moringa School has been a great Experience.  The students are Curious, Willing to Learn and Committed, which are necessary Skills for a Software Developer”, says Brian Waweru, Development Lead at MyMovies.Africa™.  “The first Cohort joined in 2020, where they Worked on Improving our Playback experience and User Interface design, for our Web and Android applications.  This has Improved the Customer Experience for MyMovies.Africa™.”

From the six Cohorts to-date, MyMovies.Africa™ has completed Internships with five Students – four Software Developers and one Data Scientist, with three now on Staff fulltime.

“The internship I got from MyMovies.Africa™ helped me Build my Skills as an Android Developer”, says Hamisi Andale, an alumnus of Moringa School.  “And I’m now Fulltime, where my Role is to Ensure that our App is always User-friendly via Technical Support and Creating new Features to Improve the Customer Experience.”

Through the combined Skills from Moringa School and MyMovies.Africa™, Software Development and Data Science has helped the Company accelerate the Continuous Improvement of its Web and App services, by Tapping into new Talent and Ideas.

“All Cohorts have provided MyMovies.Africa™ with an Opportunity to Identify a strong Pipeline of Talent – for Immediate, Short and Medium terms, as it’s our Strategy to always In-source our Innovation, Development and Technical Support”, adds Strano.

The one major Impact that Moringa School alumni have had on MyMovies.Africa™ was Solving one of the most challenging Bugs on its Android App, that restricted Playback of encrypted Content. 

“It took a lot of Research, Coding and Testing, but eventually the Bug was Resolved, so, we can now Focus on Improving other Parts of our Service”, adds Waweru.

Moringa School, a Kenyan technology Education company, that provides Transformative tech-based Learning Experiences, has been at the Forefrontof Equipping its Students with hands-on Skills in matters Technology, to Prepare them for the right Skillset for the Job Market.

This year, the School was Selected among Hundreds of Candidates as one of the World Economic Forum’s “Technology Pioneers” – which are Early to Growth-stage Companies involved in the Use of new Technologies and Innovation, that are Poised to have a significant Impact on Business and Society.

Also, in July 2021, Moringa School was named among the seven African Start-ups shaking-up the Global Tech Ecosystem, by the Global Startup Ecosystem Index report.

MyMovies.Africa™ says it will Continue with this symbiotic Partnership.

“We look forward to Collaborating more with Moringa’s students for the continuous Improvement of MyMovies.Africa™, as well as Developing new branded Services we have in the Pipeline”, says Trushna Buddhdev-Patel, Co-Founder & Content Director at MyMovies.Africa™.  “And as we Scale, we shall surely Continue our Partnership with Moringa School to Shortlist new Talent for Internships and Employment.”


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