Telkom Kenya to add 2,000 more 4G sites by 2023

Telkom Kenya has today announced the signing of a memorandum of understanding with its partners that will see the addition of 2,000 4G/LTE sites by 2023. The partners are telecommunications company Ericsson and system integrator NEX XON.

The telco says the nationwide rollout is part of their long-term expansion strategy that was announced back in August of 2020 when the company underwent a reorganisation to address the digital transformation currently being witnessed across the world. The company from then on has been laying the groundwork towards achieving its long-term goal of becoming the technology partner of choice in Kenya and the region.

This network expansion will also see Telkom connect more than 200 learning institutions as well as over 30 medical facilities to the Internet, thereby boosting the use of remote learning and e-health solutions.

Telkom says it has been reviewing its long-term strategy as it moves to the next phase of transformation. The company says it has identified its fibre infrastructure, mobile network, as well as its mobile money services as the areas it will need to further invest in and grow this year, and beyond.

These investments, the company argues, will gradually contribute to enhancing their service provision and customer experience. To this end, Telkom is currently upgrading and expanding its 4G capacity in the Coast region.

Telkom’s Chief Executive Officer, Mr Mugo Kibati says, “Two of our commitments are to better position our infrastructure asset base and services to drive digital transformation within our various Customer segments thus providing them with more value, as well as bridge the digital divide through the expansion of our Mobile Data network. We are already working on the upgrade and expansion of our network at the Coast. The partnership we have signed today will see Telkom and our partners kick off a new network expansion project, guided by our long-term growth strategy.”

“Data is a fundamental human right and for us at Telkom. It is now emerging as a daily necessity. The customer is also demanding more competitive and comprehensive products that address their different and ever-changing needs: browsing, downloading, streaming, mobile money transactions, reading the news online, and updating their apps; actions that are now very important to everyday life. The development of new products and solutions such as Madaraka Life, but more importantly, the provision of the network needed to access these services, is a priority for us at Telkom.” Kibati adds.

Earlier this year, Mr. KIBATI said that Telkom remains cognisant of the integral role the technology company’s core terrestrial network plays in keeping customers connected.

“We continue with our long-term terrestrial network expansion plan that is informed by our overall company strategy, which will see us scale up to 80% of our network to 4G, increase our network footprint across the country, and get more Kenyans online. Our partnership with Ericsson and NEC XON is testament to this.”

The Vice President and Managing Director of Ericsson South and East Africa, Mr Todd ASHTON says, “Telkom and Ericsson have a close, collaborative and visionary relationship spanning many years. Our latest collaboration will increase mobile coverage across the country, to provide a seamless data experience to Kenyans. In line with Kenya’s Vision 2030, more people will have access to affordable Internet that will enable business continuity for people and enterprises contributing to the economic growth in Kenya and in setting #AfricaInMotion. This is just the beginning, with the LTE expansion setting the foundation to deploy 5G in the future.”

NEC XON’s General Manager – Wireless, Mr Willem WENTZEL says, “We are assisting Telkom to roll out a leading, robust 4G network with a future-proof foundation to enable their strategic vision to compete as one of the major East African service providers. The rollout augments Telkom’s existing network infrastructure by delivering world-class quality of experience (QoE) to more customers across a much wider coverage area.”

Mr. KIBATI concludes, “One of the other positive outcomes of this network expansion project is the opportunity it presents to our existing teams; to up-skill and get trained on the latest technology and global best practice in the sector.”

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