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How to ensure your company’s equipment lasts longer

Machinery and equipment are key assets for many companies, including manufacturing, automation and construction and can be expensive to buy, run and maintain. It can cost a business even more if something goes wrong and equipment needs to be repaired or replaced. Machinery breakdowns can also be expensive in terms of productivity or inability to meet orders. 

It’s important to minimise the risk of poorly functioning equipment, whatever industry you work in. This article will take a look at ways to get the most out of your machinery and make sure you maximise the chances of a long product life. 

Only use equipment for its intended purpose

This might seem obvious but using a piece of machinery or equipment for something it’s not been designed for can result in quicker wear and tear or even breakdowns. Sticking to the intended use and following the manufacturer guide will ensure your equipment has the best chance of longevity. 

Not knowing how to use a product correctly can cause damage to the equipment and safety risks for the user so it’s better to take a bit of extra time to fully understand your kit. 

Use the correct tools to repair or replace

If a part malfunctions or needs replacing, make sure to use only the specified tools and parts. Keeping spares of common parts will mean less time wasted if you need to order a specific one. Don’t be tempted to leave any problems until they get worse as this could cost more in the long run.

Check the electricity 

Machinery and equipment need the right electrical current to function correctly and prevent damage. Use a multimeter to test the voltage and current in parts and components to ensure your piece of equipment has the right level for it’s use. 

Test and maintain

Regular service checks should be undertaken to identify any issues or poorly functioning parts. These should be done by a professional, ideally someone registered to carry out such maintenance. Keeping up to date with services can mean less long-term costs and a longer machinery lifespan. 

Clean equipment properly 

A build up of debris can cause machinery to fail or function incorrectly so it’s important to clean it as per the manufacturer’s guidance. Taking care of your equipment will help you get the most out of it. 

Choose quality products

When it comes to machinery, it’s always worth spending that bit more to get a high-quality product that will last much longer than a cheaper alternative. Check reviews, warranties and safety features to get the best kit for you and your business. 

Whilst no one can guarantee something won’t go wrong with any piece of equipment, following these tips will help keep it functioning correctly and hopefully get the most out of its lifespan. 


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