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M-Tiba partners with Private Hospitals to expand loans to healthcare providers

M-TIBA has today partnered with the Kenya Association of Private Hospitals (KAPH) in a bid to expand their healthcare financing capabilities. The partnership took place at the KAPH convention meeting held at the Anderson Building (Nairobi Hospital) in Nairobi Kenya. The convention meeting kept its overall theme ‘Role of the private sector facilities in Universal Healthcare Coverage (UHC).’ It provided a good platform for facility owners; doctors and other medical practitioners to interact with their colleagues, service providers and potential partners.

Speaking during the KAPH convention in Nairobi, M-TIBA MD Moses Kuria gave some insight into the solutions they provide to healthcare providers “Today marks the start of a great partnership encouraging the growth of healthcare providers through the provision of financing healthcare systems in the industry. Our purpose is to provide our platform to connect all the stakeholders and provide a safe, smart, and affordable way to manage a healthcare scheme. By digitizing health insurance processes, M-TIBA is improving benefit management, payments for services across the value chain and the efficiency of fund payments to hospitals and clinics. The digitization of these processes is driving an increase in access and a decrease in operational costs. Working with the various teams to craft, create and get to this partnership has truly been amazing. We invite you to partner with us on the M-PESA App to offer our customers health packages that meet their needs.” 

M-TIBA has already made a huge impact since its commercial launch in 2016. It has over 4.7 million people connected to M-TIBA and over 3,000 healthcare providers on the platform, including NHIF accredited private healthcare facilities. Furthermore it has signed 3 leading insurance companies on the platform – AAR, Britam and Jubilee and having over 721,000 digital claims processed on M-TIBA.

Infinix OFFERS!

Through M-TIBA’s partnership with Safaricom, they are able to offer customers digital and affordable healthcare products and services on the M-PESA App. This enables customers to conveniently access and sign up for health services and products from their mobile phone. Simultaneously M-TIBA has partnered with Medical Credit Fund to address the financing barriers that healthcare facilities undergo when accessing capital and encourages Kenyans to reach out to them to discuss the financing needs for your health facility


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