Sauti Sol, Nviiri, Top Charts as Spotify Celebrates One Year in Kenya

Spotify is now a year old in the Kenyan market. And to celebrate the milestone, the music streaming platform has released data on the most streamed songs, artists and more from Kenya. We haven’t however received any data on uptake, monthly users and paying subscribers.

Interesting facts from the data Spotify shared include:

  • There has been a 25% increase in the number of Kenyan artists with 8,739 songs added to the platform.
  • Sauti Sol is the most streamed artist followed by Nviiri The Storyteller and Otile Brown. Top 10 artists are listed below.
  • Niko Sawa by Nviiri was the most streamed Kenyan song with Nikita Kering’s Ex coming in second.
  • Kenyan songs were exported to mostly the USA, the UK and Canada.
  • Of the top exported songs, 8 out of the top 10 are collaborations.
  • The top local genre streamed on the platform remains Gengetone

The full breakdown of the top lists is below. 

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Most streamed Kenyan artists

  1. Sauti Sol
  2. Nviiri The Storyteller
  3. Otile Brown
  4. Nyashinski
  5. Bensoul
  6. Wakadinali
  8. H_art the Band
  9. Mejja
  10. Khaligraph Jones

Most streamed Kenyan songs

  1. Nviiri The Storyteller, Bien – Niko Sawa
  2. Nikita Kering’ – Ex
  3. Bensoul, Mejja, Nviiri The Storyteller, Sauti Sol – Nairobi
  4. H_art the Band, Brizy Annechild – My Jaber (Friday)
  5. Otile Brown, Meddy – Dusuma
  6. Nviiri The Storyteller – Kitenge
  7. Chris Kaiga, Mutoriah – I Want 
  8. Chris Kaiga, Nyashinski  – Hapo Tu
  9. NDOVU KUU, Khaligraph Jones, Boutross Munene – NDOVU NI KUU
  10. Mbuzi Gang, Mejja – Shamra Shamra

Top exported Kenya artists

  1. Sauti Sol
  2. Jeff Kaale
  3. Otile Brown
  4. Ayub Ogada
  5. Nviiri The Storyteller
  6. Willy Paul
  7. Bensoul
  8. Stella Mwangi
  9. Nyashinski
  10. Karun

Top exported Kenyan songs

  1. Bahati, Benzema, Mejja, Odi Wa Muranga, Petra Ssaru – Wanani – Remix
  2. Bensoul, Mejja, Nviiri The Storyteller, Sauti Sol – Nairobi
  3. Sauti Sol, Patoranking – Melanin
  4. Ayub Ogada – Kothbiro
  5. Sauti Sol, Bensoul, Crystal Asige, Kaskazini, Nviiri The Storyteller – Extravaganza
  6. Sauti Sol, Nyashinski – Short N Sweet
  7. Willy Paul, Alaine – I Do
  8. Otile Brown, Meddy – Dusuma
  9. Sauti Sol – Suzanna
  10. Sauti Sol, RedFourth Chorus – Kuliko Jana

Emerging / breakout artists

  1. Wanavokali
  2. Taylor Torch
  3. Bon’eye
  4. Groovy Jo
  5. Nikita Kering’


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