Leading global edtech company Snapplify has launched its Teacha! brand in Kenya and the wider East African market, making thousands of teaching resources immediately available to teachers.

Using the Teacha! resource marketplace, teachers can buy and sell their teaching resources online. ‘There is a great need for CBC resources in Kenya at the moment and this is an enormous opportunity – not only for Kenya’s teachers to sell resources they’ve already created and earn extra income, but also for thousands of teachers to find the curriculum-aligned resources they need,’ said Teacha!’s Lilian Nyaranga. 

The Teacha! resource marketplace includes:

  • Downloadable lesson plans
  • Worksheets
  • Presentations
  • Interactive lessons
  • Assessments
  • Summaries
  • Flashcards, Posters, Clip art, Book Covers, Planners and more.

Many of these resources are also available for free, for teachers to download and use.

Speaking at the official launch event this month, Innovative Teacher of the Year winner Maxwell V. Kayesi HSC said, ‘Teacha! provides an opportunity for the Kenyan teacher to be part of a community that moulds and inspires best practice. It also allows them to showcase and earn from the resources created. Teacha! is a game-changer.’ 

‘Teacha! is already the home of the largest community of teachers in Africa and we’re thrilled to be supporting more Kenyan teachers with key teaching resources,’ said Teacha! Founder, Jean Vermeulen.

The launch follows Snapplify’s announcement that it is investing heavily in the region. The edtech company has achieved impressive traction in Kenya since 2016. Its growing Kenyan team brings together a wealth of industry experience, supporting the company’s commitment to increasing access to education. 


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