Multichoice has announced that DSTv prices in Kenya will be going up this September. All the packages have been revised upwards from as low as KES 50 to as high as KES 500. The table below breaks down the old prices versus the new ones.

New vs Old DSTv prices in Kenya:

PackagesOld PricesNew Prices
AccessKES 1,050KES 1,100
FamilyKES 1,500KES 1,600
CompactKES 2,800KES 3,000
Compact PlusKES 5,100KES 5,500
PremiumKES 8,400KES 8,900
New Prices come to effect this September

DSTv remains a popular broadcast service provider not only in Kenya, but also across Africa. It’s that hold of the market – and the fact the company owns football streaming rights – that gives them control and power to be able to price packages at far higher costs than any other digital TV providers.

It will be interesting to see market reaction – especially since this is coming in at a time when there’s a new Premier League season underway, plus the World Cup later on.

Multichoice also owns GOtv – a digital tv provider, and Showmax – an on-demand streaming service. Gotv competes with cheaper digital tv providers while Showmax competes with the likes of Netflix.

Showmax also offers live-streaming of local tv channels and sports. Which is targeted at everyone who may not want to have a whole DSTv or GOtv setup just for watching sports.

Do you use DSTv? Which package do you pay for, and what do you think of the new prices?


  1. You keep increasing the price for the packages yet you don’t add anything new the movies are from past centuries and the sports especially champions league limited in compact package. You prices are becoming to high and we might opt to have Internet installed and watch online

  2. They should introduce pay-per-view. Some of us only subscribe because of the sports channels. We end up pay ing for unnecessary channels that we do not need. DStv should listen to the peoples’ voices.


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