OPPO’s ColorOS 13 to feature deep Spotify integration in new partnership

If you’re an OPPO user and a Spotify subscriber who has always wanted to be able to control their music from their Lock Screen, or to have a playlist when you wake up, this new partnership should catch your eye. The two companies have announced they’re working together to bring new music experiences on ColorOS 13.

ColorOS 13 is OPPO’s take on Android. It is based on Android 13. We’ve already shared before on why it is one of the best Android skins out there. It will be interesting to see how such collaborations between phone companies and apps affect users.

With this new partnership, Spotify will be integrated to the following parts of the device:

  • The Always ON display
  • The Shelf
  • Home Screen Widgets
  • The Clock
OPPO's ColorOS 13 to feature deep Spotify integration in new partnership

Always ON Display:

You will now quickly see what Spotify content is playing by glancing at the Always ON Display, and double-clicking on the music control panel. This works without waking the device up. This integration also allows users to access and control the playback of their favourite audio content from Spotify and access Spotify content recommendations – all without unlocking the device.

Shelf and Home Screen Widget:

ColorOS 13 seemingly does away with Google Cards in favour of a new shelf where you can access Spotify content. The design of the shelf is quite similar to Apple’s widgets section also accessible as a shelf from the left.

A new Spotify widget will also be available on ColorOS 13 to be added to the home screen.


An alarm integration in the ColorOS 13 Clock app will enable users to wake up every morning to their favourite Spotify tracks, playlists, and podcasts.

What they said:

“Our partnership with Spotify represents a new exploration into the possibilities of smartphone operating systems,” said Gary Chen, Head of OPPO Software Product. “Through smart, convenient, and human-centric features developed with our partners, we are bringing a more intelligent and efficient operating system to users, enabling them to spend more time enjoying music and the other most-loved features on the OPPO smartphones.”

Ian Geller, Global Head of Consumer Business Development at Spotify said, “At Spotify, we’re always working to offer our users the best listening experience out there. Through our partnership with OPPO, we aim to elevate the Spotify experience through OPPO ColorOS 13’s smart and human-centric features, delivering value for existing and new consumers of both brands”.

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