Blind test: Apple Music vs Spotify Sound Quality Preference

I’ve seen numerous arguments on social media about the difference in sound quality between Apple Music and Spotify. I use both platforms on a daily, and I love both because they’re each unique, and they each provide an experience I am willing to pay for.

Anyways, I sat two friends of mine for a blind test of either platform. I used the same song, the same device, and the same headphones. I set quality on Spotify to Very High and Lossless on Apple Music (yeah, Spotify still doesn’t offer lossless).

I didn’t change the volume between each listen, and neither knew which platform was playing at what time. The video below shows you the results. Of course, both of them chose Apple Music.

(Oh, before you say everyone knows the answer to expect and blah blah, I know. This was just a fun piece to prove the quality on Apple Music is miles better – one can tell the difference from just a few minutes of listening.)

Which platform do you use? Why? Let me know!

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