Inaugural East Africa Public Relations Week to be hosted in Mombasa

Mombasa city will host the first-ever East Africa Public Relations Week, a collaborative event that will bring together some of East Africa’s brilliant minds in the communications sector. Running under the theme of “Enhancing Sustainability Through Communication”, the event is expected to reinforce lasting partnerships among the participating countries, building on the goal to foster sustainable practices in line with the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals.  

The event, an initiative of the Public Relations Society of Kenya– PRSK, will be jointly hosted with other communications umbrella bodies in Tanzania, Uganda, South Sudan, Rwanda, and The Democratic Republic of Congo and Burundi. 

According to Mr. Arik Karani, President of PRSK, this will be the biggest conference ever held in the region. 

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“This year, we are taking the PRSK annual summit to a new level by hosting the first-ever East Africa Public Relations Week. One of the key strategies for the Public Relations Society of Kenya’s council is to unite the East African countries through cohesive communication. With the PRSK turning 50, and we thought of bringing the East African Public Relations Associations together under one roof.  Together with other Public Relations Societies in Uganda, Tanzania, The Democratic Republic of Congo, South Sudan, Burundi, and Rwanda, we assure participating organizations and individuals that this will be one of the most memorable events in the region. We have lined up some of the best speakers in the continent, and exciting networking activities to ensure that everybody gets maximum value and visibility during the 5-day event,” said Mr. Arik Karani. 

“Our vision is to come together as public relations and communications colleagues to discuss how to advance excellence in our profession, countries, and region.” Mr. Arik Karani concluded during an online launch on Tuesday afternoon. 

Speaking about the importance of having a formidable East African countries’ public relations strategy, Mr. Assah Mwambene, the President of the Public Relations Society of Tanzania- PRST, stressed the need for an integrated, unifying and cohesive approach to communicating the needs of the East African region. 

” I am looking forward to having a formidable Public Relations strategy in East Africa in terms of positioning the East Africa community to the next level.” Said Mr.  Assah Mwambene. 

“This will be an all-rounded conference that, will have three tracks- a forum on sustainability and shared value, a PR Summit, and an awards gala. The summit will also feature break-out sessions with top industry leaders and seasoned practitioners from across the continent and fun excursions at the coastal towns to ensure that delegates have the best experience from this conference,” added Mr. Assah Mwambene. 

Stephen Mwanga, the Public Relations Association of Uganda- PRAU’s president expressed his excitement in attending the inaugural event. 

“This will be an exciting and interactive conference, bringing together communicators across East Africa to discuss matters pertaining to the Public Relations Industry in the region,” said Mr. Stephen Mwanga. 

Speaking about the program, Mr. Stephen Mwanga also added that, “The conference will run for 5 days of exhilarating discussions and fun activities. During the first two days, we will be talking about sustainability and shared value- moving away from CSR. From Wednesday through Friday, delegates will be treated to a well-coordinated regional PR summit that will feature discussions on issues like trust and safety, the ongoing Ukraine war, navigating the politics of influence and many other emerging issues in the field of communication.”

Mr. John Mading, South Sudan’s Public Relations Society President concluded the online discussion by affirming the role of Public Relations in East Africa’s regional integration agenda and its relevance to the conference. 

“PR and communication are at the center of every major discussion and event. They bring clarity and common understanding on various issues. Since the inception of the EA Community, the involved countries have been keen on advancing the agenda of the 4 pillars of East Africa integration,” said Mr. Mading. 

“Our role as communicators is to ensure we are well equipped to advise and craft strategies for successful implementation of these pillars,” added Mr. John Mading. 

Some key topics will feature discussions on sustainability, climate change reporting, the blue economy, the post-pandemic workplace, and impactful partnerships. 

The event will also commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Public Relations Society of Kenya- PRSK. Formed to guide and bring together PR practitioners in Kenya, the association will be celebrating different milestones achieved over the past 50 years, which include establishing a student-focused organization, establishing a Code of Ethics that guides the profession in the country, and creating the certification program which will be the most essential credential in the public relations world. 

Representatives from East Africa’s corporate giants like Safaricom, Amref-Africa, KEMRI, Haco Industries, META, Trade Mark East Africa, Red Cross Society, among others and expected to grace the event.


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