Safaricom Daima let’s you keep your line active even when you’re not using it

Normally, when you don’t use or top up your SIM card for a while, it gets deactivated. This is a cause of concern especially for people who are living in other countries, or traveling for long periods of time. You risk losing your line from inactivity.

Safaricom has today announced a new service called “Safaricom Daima”. Daima will help you keep your lines active for a period of either 6 months, 1 year, or 2 years depending on the fee you pay for it.

Here’s a breakdown of Daima charges:

Time Period Charges in KES
6 months 200
1 year 500
2 years 1,000

This will help you not worry your line will get deactivated from lack of topping up airtime. According to the terms and conditions, you will be getting 20 minutes of talk time and 20 SMSs every month – for the period you’ve paid for. These resources won’t carry over, and will be expiring each month.

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How to activate Safaricom Daima:

  1. First of all this is only open to Prepay customers, if you’re on PostPaid your line is essentially always active.
  2. Dial *100# and choose Option 4 for ‘My Account’
  3. Then choose option 9 ‘Daima (keep line active)’
  4. Choose either of the above options and pay with either Airtime or M-Pesa
  5. You can choose to buy Daima Bundles for a friend. 

Activating Daima using mySafaricom App: 

Safaricom Daima let's you keep your line active even when you're not using it

You can now activate Daima from the mySafaricom App. In the image above, the parts marked in Red show you the steps to follow when activating Daima. 

  • On the Home Tab, go to “Data Calls and Deals”
  • Select “Daima” Option on the right side of the screen 
  • Purchase for yourself if on pre-pay and for someone else if on PostPay. 

The option for buying for another number is really good and can come in handy if someone isn’t available in the country and wants help activating the service.

As someone with a main line and one for my LTE-capable tablets whenever I am traveling, this is a good thing as I can now be assured that my SIM card will be active even if I never use it for a while.

Safaricom Daima let's you keep your line active even when you're not using it
Confirmation message once subscribed.

The service will also come in handy for people in the military. And temporarily, for people who’ve lost a loved one and don’t want to have that phone number deactivated, or worse transferred to another user.



  1. i activated daima on my safaricom line but am abroad and i cnt make calls to Kenya, anytime i call it disconnects automatically…..Zuri is not responding @Safaricom please help

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