Vivo officially launches FuntouchOS 13 based on Android 13

Smartphone company has announced the official introduction of FuntouchOS 13, for its overseas markets. The new release is based on Android 13.

Best features of FuntouchOS 13:

  • Combines Vivo’s design-driven value with new and improved personalization options,
  • Brings upgraded privacy and security features
  • Adds new control features for a smoother, uninterrupted experience

Vivo says it strives to provide users with an effortless experience, but that it also seeks to empower them to experts the creativity and uniqueness through their devices.

Screen personalization:

FuntouchOS 13 allows users more visual control of their home screen. With the monochrome icon feature, users can now change the color of their home screen icons to match their wallpaper, system, and app interfaces, truly unlocking their creativity and self-expression.

On top of that, the new system allows users to customize colors on their system’s UI and built-in apps, including their notification panels, volume control, calculator, and clock. It can utilize the color from the users’ preferred wallpaper and theme to determine the appropriate color tint, applying it to the app interface to transform the device with a more personal look and feel.

Protection and security

The new app pinning feature helps keep sensitive data secure, providing users greater peace of mind regarding their security and privacy. When another person uses the device, the two-level pinning function keeps the chosen app in view and prevents access to other apps on the device. This feature enables greater flexibility, allowing the owner to set parameters and control the allowed actions within the pinned app when other people are using the device. 

Vivo officially launches FuntouchOS 13 based on Android 13

This update also allows users to hide photos and videos as well as selectively choose various applications’ access to specific photos, thereby preventing unwanted viewing on their devices and further enhancing privacy protection.

Enhanced controls and easy-to-use features to provide greater convenience 

To create a more streamlined experience for Vivo users, FuntouchOS 13 also features improved application management, the iManager, which can specifically help monitor app usage time. If the CPU usage is too high, users can shut that application down with one tap. iManager can also prevent overheating by reducing the number of active applications and adjusting CPU frequency based on the Phone cooling feature.

In addition to weather updates, the dashboard also features an AQI card for health-conscious users who wish to instantly check the latest information concerning air quality with a detailed PM2.5 index available.

With vivo’s well-known premium mobile photography experience, new photo and video upgrades are to be expected. The professional viewfinder makes photography easier with a new stabilization ring that helps mitigate the effects of shaky hands.

The new OS has also refined the video editing process, enabling users to mute the sound of the video while editing the footage and even make precise volume adjustments on each segment of the video, thus facilitating the creation of professional-grade videos.

In terms of accessibility controls, enhancements have been made with color correcting and inversion, as well as the option to remove animations for users with specific needs, such as visual impairments.


FuntouchOS 13 will be available from October 24, 2022, starting with the Vivo X80 Pro. The company says it will gradually rollout FuntouchOS 13 to more users around the world.


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