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Verified.Africa, an identity verification startup has expanded to Kenya, Ghana and South Africa

Verified.Africa, is a leading provider of ID Verification, documents verification, and digital ‘Know Your Customer’ (KYC) compliance solutions in Nigeria. They make it very easy for companies to validate and verify identities and documents of their customers.

Now, Verified.Africa, has expanded its offerings to three more countries across Africa including Kenya, Ghana, and South Africa. This brings their total coverage to four countries.

In Nigeria, the startup says it has carried out over one million customer verifications for one thousand businesses.

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When one of Nigeria’s foremost financial institutions, First Bank, wanted to meet up with regulatory requirements for KYC (Know your customer), they leveraged Verified.Africa to verify the identities of every customer, reducing turnaround time by over 50%.

For another tech investment startup, Bamboo, they utilised the same platform to validate and verify the national identity of their customers, enabling over 50,000 people to trade in local and international stocks safely.

Debo Musa, Settlement Manager at Bamboo, says helps to reduce our risk exposure and obtain accurate data. We can also do analytics on the customers that we are verifying. We can see where they are coming from and we use that knowledge to project where we should target more customers”.

He added that “ gives us that level of confidence, especially with regulatory bodies and agencies. With, we can identify our customers and be sure that they are who they say they are. That’s the best part for us”.

Kenya, Ghana, and South Africa represent key markets for Verified’s roadmap into continental dominance and with this launch, more organisations in these countries can access the best of digital verification for business growth.

Verified.Africa, an identity verification startup has expanded to Kenya, Ghana and South Africa

What do you get with Verified.Africa in Kenya, Ghana, and South Africa?

  • Real-time verification on anyone in minutes with a digital identity record
  • Simplified, easy-to-integrate API documentation
  • Powerful dashboard to track and view customer insights in one place
  • Developer resources, SDKs, and Plug-ins
  • Clear and affordable pricing to match your business needs

“As champions of growth and inclusivity, we’re excited at the opportunity for every single business currently using our services to also target new customers in these regions” Frank Atube, Chief Operating Officer at adds.

“Digital Identity verification enables security and access for everyone and with this expansion, we’re on our way to achieving digital inclusion for Africa’s one billion market as we add more countries like Uganda in the coming months”.

From now, all users of will be able to onboard new customers in Kenya, Ghana, and SA, using their National IDs and Drivers’ licenses. This opens up new opportunities for every business domiciled or looking to expand in these countries.

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