Beko Appliances rolls out WhatsApp Purchases in Kenya

Beko Kenya has announced its entry to what it calls the mobile commerce space with the roll out of a WhatsApp powered service. The company describes itself as one of the top large home appliances brands in Europe. Beko has been operating in Kenya since 2012.

Through WhatsApp, the Kenyan branch says it aims to diversify its communications strategy to better serve the needs of its increasing mobile customer base in Kenya.

Kenyan customers will be able to buy Beko electronic products via WhatsApp on their smartphones. They will also be able to communicate directly with local dealers.

Mustafa Soylu, CEO of Beko Appliances in Sub-Saharan Africa, says: “We are incredibly excited to be able to offer this new commerce platform to our customers in Kenya as the first of its kind in our planned rollout to Beko stores across the African continent. Owing to a fast-growing digitisation, Kenya is considered a regional leader in this space, creating enormous opportunities for both public and private sectors to tap into. Through this initiative, Beko will leverage the rapid expansion of e-commerce and the parallel growth of mobile penetration, driven by improved connectivity throughout the country. These formative advancements are materialisations of rapid digitisation and the growing desire among consumers to have quicker, more streamlined access to products and information.

Beko Appliances rolls out WhatsApp Purchases in Kenya
Mustafa Soylu, CEO of Beko Appliances, Sub-Saharan Africa

“WhatsApp is the most widely adopted form of communication in Kenya and an intuitive move for the Beko brand. Our development teams have worked hard behind the scenes to create a seamless user experience that includes a product catalogue and additional, useful information. We have also ‘closed the loop’ by enabling direct purchases through WhatsApp. The result is an end-to-end digital experience that meets the needs and buying preferences of our Kenyan customer base.”

Expanding on how the platform will work, Soylu explains that customers can select products they are interested in purchasing and then opt into one-on-one communication with any of the Beko partner stores in the country. Digital assistants will stand by to answer the questions of customers, attend to any queries that come through via WhatsApp and facilitate the sales process which will occur in-app, without requiring a physical visit to a Beko store.   

As Soylu adds, the launch of this service offering is perfectly timed as consumers head into the holiday season. “We’re putting the functionality back into the festive season by embracing the capabilities of digital tools to make our customers’ lives and shopping experiences simpler.

Consumers will have access to a quick view of the full range of Beko products through an automated catalogue on WhatsApp as well as additional information on the products. They can make purchases through the available agents and pay for them using the mobile money platform: M-Pesa. Our plan is to incorporate credit card facilities through the app in the future. The service also allows users to register warranties, request user manuals and log service calls.”

Beko says it has listed three partners on the channel, recording at least 300 daily transactions and looking at expanding this to over 100,000 interactions in 2023.

“We expect a significant rise in usage of the channel this festive season as Kenyans reward themselves or buy electronic gifts for friends, families and loved ones,” concludes Soylu.

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