Netflix is in the business of cancelling shows

This will just be a rant following Netflix cancellation of 1899 – which I consider one of the best sci-fi shows from 2022. With the news, I guess it makes no sense to continue investing time in watching new shows from the company. No matter the budget they put into marketing. Chances are you’ll be left with a cliffhanger. And no apologies. 

I don’t know about you, but I don’t give Netflix money to watch old shows which they have acquired rights for. I don’t give them money to watch comedies, and low budget dramas with no sense of direction. I give Netflix money to watch the kind of shows that intrigue my mind, go all in with the budget, and stir up conversations. And time after time, they keep disappointing me. 

People who weren’t fans of the show – 1899, will say it made no sense, was convoluted, required a big budget, blah blah. Yes it did. And when Netflix okayed it for production, they knew what they were getting themselves into. So why did they go ahead to promote it? Wasn’t it a top-watched show on the platform for weeks? Why should customers invest themselves in new shows, if they all end up cancelled? 

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And I get that this is a business, trying to make profits and all, but what profits will you be chasing if you can’t keep loyal customers? 

The reason I watched 1899 was because it was made by the creators of DARK, one of the best sci-fi productions, also on Netflix. But I never watched DARK when it came out. I only picked it up after the final season when people were talking about it all over the internet. And I am pretty sure a big number of viewers only picked it up after it ended, and will continue to do so every time people talk about it. 

The same won’t be the case for 1899. It’s been cancelled. So why watch it anyways? That’s dead budget: a big cast, an expensive story, and exciting adventure, and nothing to show for going forward. 

As the streaming business is currently set up, I believe the company with the most loyal subscribers is the one that stands to win the streaming wars. No one will pay for Hulu, HBO, Disney+, Apple TV+, Netflix, Prime Video etc. every single month. However, customers will give money to the platforms that entertain them the most. The platforms that have the shows they can keep tuning into, and talking about, and looking forward to. 

I don’t think Netflix has such shows – at least not for me. And I don’t see them building towards that with all the random promos that end up cancelled. Not with the rising subscription fees, and limits in account usage thanks to a stupid crackdown on password sharing.

Good luck Netflix! 

PS: I’m still mad about the Sense8 cancellation. 


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