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Opportunik launching Africa Fund in May, Unlocking Global Investments

Private wealth fund Opportunik announced its plan to launch its licensed fund, Opportunik Global Fund (OGF), on May 2, 2023. Administered by Mauritius-based registered fund administrator Accuvise Administrators Limited, Opportunik says the fund will provide Africans and Diasporans access to global investments with minimal currency or political risk. OGF aims to overcome common challenges faced by African investors, including high barriers to global deals and fluctuating exchange rates.

Opportunik in a press release says that as one of the first private retail funds for Africans, their OGF will feature a low entry barrier of $5,000 and offer optional monthly subscriptions in increments of $1,000. Investors will have access to diversified asset classes and investment strategies in various financial markets. The fund projects an annual return of 10-20% paid to investors’ bank accounts with a five-year principal tenure.

Opportunik Global Fund promises:

Low-entry barrierMinimum investment of $5,000, optional monthly subscriptions in multiples of $1,000
Diversified asset classesAccess to various investment strategies across multiple financial markets
Projected return10-20% paid annually to investors’ bank accounts
Tenure5-year tenure for the principal with annual payment of returns
Tracking and measurementAbility to track wealth journey, measure returns, and financial growth

Opportunik CEO Kola Oyeneyin stated, “We created Opportunik Global Fund to directly tackle the challenges many African investors face when looking for global investments.” The fund aims to help Africans create wealth, achieve financial independence, and access new markets beyond the continent.

The Private Wealth Fund says OGF’s in-house team of fund managers, based in South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, and Zambia, will collaborate with Accuvise Administrators, which currently oversees $216 million in assets.

According to the Henley & Partners’ Africa Wealth Report, Africa holds a total of $2.4 trillion investable wealth. The wealth management market in Africa is projected to grow by 60% over the next decade, providing opportunities for middle-class Africans if granted access to wealth management options typically available to high-net-worth individuals.

Applications for OGF are now open, with retail and institutional investors undergoing a rigorous Know Your Customer (KYC) and Know Your Business (KYB) process. To learn more or sign up for Opportunik Global Fund, visit their website.


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