Airtel now supports VoLTE in Kenya

Airtel Kenya recently introduced Voice over LTE (VoLTE). This is a technology that promises to change voice and video call quality for Airtel users. VoLTE enables voice calls to be transmitted over the 4G network, rather than the traditional 2G or 3G networks. By converting voice into data packets and transmitting them over the same network used for browsing and downloading, VoLTE offers numerous advantages.

Airtel now joins Safaricom, who announced VoLTE back in 2019, and Faiba whose network was launched as a VoLTE only service back in 2017.

One of the key benefits of VoLTE is the significant improvement in voice call quality. Users can enjoy crystal-clear HD voice calls, free from background noise and distortion. This enhances the overall communication experience and allows for better understanding during calls. Additionally, VoLTE enables faster call setup, ensuring quick connections and minimizing call dropouts. It also facilitates seamless switching between voice and video calls, providing users with more flexibility in their communication options.

Another advantage of VoLTE is its ability to enhance network coverage. The 4G network typically offers wider coverage and a stronger signal compared to 2G or 3G networks. This means that Airtel Kenya users can now make and receive voice calls in areas where voice service was previously poor or non-existent. This improvement in coverage is particularly beneficial for individuals living in remote areas or areas with limited network infrastructure.

VoLTE also brings power-saving benefits. As it consumes less power than 2G or 3G networks, it helps extend the battery life of devices. This is especially valuable for users who rely heavily on their smartphones throughout the day and often struggle with battery drain. With VoLTE, users can make longer calls without worrying about their device’s battery life or experiencing overheating issues.

Another notable advantage of VoLTE is its support for simultaneous voice and data services. Users can now browse the web, send messages, or use apps while on a voice call, without any interruption or degradation in call quality. This feature enhances multitasking capabilities and provides a seamless experience for individuals who need to access data services while on a call.

Activating VoLTE on Airtel Kenya:

To activate VoLTE on their Airtel Kenya SIM card, users need a VoLTE-enabled handset, a 4G SIM card, and a 4G data plan. Once these requirements are met, users can activate VoLTE by enabling 4G or LTE mode and the VoLTE or HD Voice option in their phone’s settings. After restarting the phone, they can start making VoLTE calls. When both the caller and recipient have VoLTE enabled on their devices and SIM cards, a VoLTE icon will appear on the call screen, indicating that the call is being made using VoLTE technology.

Using VoLTE on Airtel Kenya’s network does not incur any additional charges or fees. Users will be charged according to their existing voice tariff plan or bundle. However, data services used during a VoLTE call will be charged according to the user’s data plan or bundle.

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