Kenya Launches Online System for Power of Mercy Petitions

In a significant move towards modernising government services and improving transparency, the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Authority of Kenya, in partnership with the Power of Mercy Advisory Committee (POMAC), has introduced the electronic Power of Mercy Petitions Management Information System (ePOMPMIS). The system, launched by Felix Koskei, Chief of Staff and Head of Public Service, aims to streamline the power of mercy petitions process by making it more accessible, efficient, and transparent.

The ePOMPMIS is an end-to-end system that has been integrated into the e-citizen platform, ensuring accessibility to all stakeholders and members of the public through the official link This digital platform aligns with the Power of Mercy Act 21 of 2011 (Revised 2016), which allows any individual to petition the President, through the Committee, for the exercise of mercy and the granting of relief as specified in Article 133(1) of the Kenyan Constitution.

Speaking at the launch event at Kamiti Maximum Security Prison, Mr. Felix Koskei commended POMAC for responding to the government’s call for digitalization of services. He emphasized that the system would enhance efficiency in service delivery and bring transparency to the organization’s processes.

Mr. Koskei stated, “I commend the Power of Mercy Committee and the ICT Authority for digitizing the entire petition process, which aligns with the government’s ambition of taking advantage of the ICT infrastructure gains made in the last two decades. I am informed that the petition process is available on the e-citizen platform, and I would like us to ensure that all stakeholders access the services without any issues.”

Furthermore, he urged beneficiaries of the petition to act responsibly and serve as beacons of hope for others as they reintegrate into society to contribute to the nation’s development.

Attorney General Justin Muturi, who also serves as the Chairman of POMAC, highlighted the positive impact of the digitization process on correctional services institutions. He revealed that since 2011, 19,125 reformed criminal offenders have been successfully reunited with their families. AG Muturi emphasized that the new system would expedite the process and reduce expenses associated with Committee travel for interviews.

AG Muturi said, “Indeed, the government has once again demonstrated its competence and trustworthiness in delivering its services to the people. I must note with appreciation the efficiency that this system brings. I would like to thank the government and all stakeholders involved for making this possible as we keep delivering our mandate as POMAC.”

Dr. Lydia Muriuki, CEO of POMAC, echoed this sentiment, emphasizing that the new system would significantly reduce both timelines and expenses. She pointed out that previously, the Committee had to visit all 68 prisons across the country for interviews, irrespective of the number of petitioners. With ePOMPMIS, the entire process can now be conducted online, saving the government an estimated 59 million Kenyan shillings annually.

“We used to take about six months to go across the country for interviews, but with the new system, we can use only one week to do the interviews,” added Dr. Muriuki.

Mary Kerema, Deputy Director in charge of e-Government services at the ICT Authority, emphasized the system’s user-friendly design and accessibility for Kenyans from anywhere in the country. She reaffirmed the ICT Authority’s commitment to partnering with various government institutions to digitize their services for seamless and efficient service delivery in line with Kenya’s ICT priorities.

“We are augmenting our digitalization efforts to make sure that all Kenyans can access services. So far, we are past the 5,000 mark, and we are not stopping,” said Ms. Kerema.


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