Airbnb Commits $500,000 in New Africa Pledge

In an era where travel dynamics are swiftly evolving, Airbnb stands at the forefront of pioneering change with the launch of its “Africa Pledge,” a strategic initiative aimed at nurturing an inclusive and sustainable tourism ecosystem across the African continent. Announced at the prestigious Africa Travel Summit in Johannesburg, this commitment not only underscores Airbnb’s dedication to economic and community empowerment but also sets a new benchmark in leveraging technology and innovation to shape the future of travel in Africa.

Key Highlights of the Airbnb Africa Pledge

  1. Financial Commitment: A commendable fund of USD $500,000 is set to be allocated to non-profit organizations in Africa. The main focus of this fund is to promote economic empowerment, enhance digital accessibility, and foster sustainability.
  2. Unlocking New Horizons in Tourism: Airbnb’s pledge seeks to aid governments and tourism bodies in Africa in discovering and harnessing new tourism prospects, amplifying the hosting experience for both hosts and guests, and enriching local communities.
  3. Economic Impact: A recently released Economic Impact Report presented some stellar numbers, illustrating Airbnb’s significant contribution of more than R23.5 billion to the South African economy in 2022 alone. This substantial figure backed almost 50,000 jobs, reflecting a notable surge in inclusive tourism growth from 2019.
  4. Expansion of Entrepreneurship Academy: With a commitment to empowering the upcoming generation of tourism entrepreneurs, Airbnb is all set to introduce the Airbnb Entrepreneurship Academy to five more countries over the upcoming two years.

Taking Cues from South Africa

South Africa has witnessed Airbnb’s commendable efforts in promoting inclusive tourism. Leveraging the experiences and lessons from this region, Airbnb aims to replicate this model of growth in other rapidly expanding African countries. This ongoing commitment goes hand in hand with Airbnb’s new proposals designed to sculpt a more inclusive tourism economy.

Airbnb’s Vision for the Future

Velma Corcoran, the Regional Lead Middle East Africa at Airbnb, shared her insights on this initiative, “This pledge is a testament to Airbnb’s unwavering commitment to sculpting a truly sustainable, diverse, and inclusive tourism landscape. By championing public and private sector synergies, we are confident of making travel and hosting more accessible, safe, diverse, and affordable.”

The Africa Travel Summit: A Confluence of Minds

The Africa Travel Summit witnessed the gathering of over 200 policymakers, tourism connoisseurs, innovators, and changemakers. Organized by Airbnb, this was the summit’s second edition. Panel discussions, fireside chats, and insightful sessions on various themes like the future of African travel and the power of public-private collaborations marked the day. The event was graced by eminent speakers, including Melvyn Lubega from Go1, Bheki Dube from Curiocity, and Abongile Mashele from Google, to name a few. Afua Osei, co-founder of She Leads Africa, moderated the dynamic discussions.

Organizations and governments keen on aligning with Airbnb’s vision and pledge can reach out directly via With this pledge, Airbnb stands poised to make an indelible mark on Africa’s tourism industry, ensuring it is inclusive, sustainable, and future-ready.


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