Liquid C2 and Google Cloud Forge Strategic Partnership for Digital Transformation in Africa

Liquid C2, a division of Cassava Technologies, recently announced a pivotal Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Google Cloud, signalling a new era in Africa’s technological landscape. This strategic partnership is set to revolutionise cloud and cyber security solutions across the continent.

Liquid C2, renowned for its rapid growth and strong regional presence, is poised to leverage this partnership to offer tailor-made cloud and cyber security solutions, addressing the unique needs of its diverse customer base. Oswald Jumira, CEO of Liquid C2, emphasised the significance of this alliance, stating, “Our partnership with Google will empower our customers, ranging from enterprises to SMEs, to utilise Google Cloud’s cutting-edge data analytics, AI tools, and enhanced security postures.”

Umesh Vemuri, VP of Strategic Pursuits at Google Cloud, highlighted the collaboration as a part of Google’s broader commitment to invest USD1 billion in Africa. Vemuri elaborated, “This partnership is a cornerstone in our efforts to accelerate digital enablement in Africa, offering advanced AI/ML solutions, effective communication and collaboration apps, generative AI, and robust security solutions.”

Focal Areas of the Partnership

The partnership focuses on three primary areas:

  1. Data Integration and Leveraging Through AI and Analytics: Aimed at dismantling data silos and maximizing data potential, this initiative will introduce advanced AI technologies to spur innovation.
  2. Enhanced Cyber Security: Customers will gain access to Google’s esteemed security solutions, including Chronicle and Mandiant, ensuring the protection of their data and assets irrespective of their operational locations.
  3. Collaboration and Creativity Enhancement: By offering access to Google Workspace, integrated with generative AI (Duet AI), this aspect of the partnership aims to foster creativity and productivity in teams of all sizes, working from any location with integrated security features.

This collaboration between Liquid C2 and Google Cloud is more than just a business venture; it’s a step towards realizing the vision of a digitally connected Africa, leaving no one behind. The convergence of Cassava Technologies’ pan-African data centers, fiber broadband infrastructure, and Google Cloud’s technological prowess promises a transformative impact on the digital landscape of Africa. This strategic partnership not only marks a significant milestone for the companies involved but also heralds a new chapter in Africa’s digital transformation journey.


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