CyberGirls Fellowship Offers a Path for African Women in Cybersecurity

CyberGirls Fellowship, a transformative initiative aimed at fostering female cybersecurity professionals in Africa, is now accepting applications for its comprehensive one-year training program. The fellowship is uniquely crafted for girls and women aged 18 to 28, with the intent to equip them with globally sought-after cybersecurity skills. The program seeks to empower its fellows to break into the cybersecurity industry, enhance their communities, and access global job opportunities.

The CyberGirls Fellowship is more than just a training course; it is a journey of growth and discovery. Starting with cybersecurity fundamentals, the fellowship progresses into specialized niches such as Cloud Security, DevSecOps, and Vulnerability Assessment, among others. The curriculum is designed to adapt to the interests of the fellows, ensuring a personalized and in-depth educational experience.

The fellowship, which celebrates diversity and opportunity, is open to all applicants from African countries who are passionate about starting a career in cybersecurity and have completed their high school education. The program also encourages individuals living with disabilities and those who do not have a job in cybersecurity to apply, widening the scope of opportunity and inclusivity.

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The application process is rigorous and requires a detailed personal statement, a two-minute application video, and completion of stages that include a Cybersecurity Essentials Course and an Identity Verification process. Applicants are encouraged to express their interest, commitment, and passion for cybersecurity in their applications.

The fellowship is set to commence on the 25th of March 2024, with the application deadline scheduled for the 11th of December 2023. Interested candidates are urged to apply as early as possible due to the anticipated high volume of applicants. Feedback on applications will be provided promptly, with a structured timeline for each stage of the application process.

The CyberGirls Fellowship is not just an educational opportunity; it is a commitment to changing the landscape of the cybersecurity workforce in Africa. By providing hands-on training, mentorship, and potential job shadowing opportunities, the fellowship aspires to pave the way for women to excel in this dynamic and essential field.

To apply or to learn more about the CyberGirls Fellowship, candidates can visit the official website or contact the admissions team via email at or by calling +234 814 1969 381.


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