IBM and AWS Expand Partnership to Accelerate Generative AI Adoption in Businesses

IBM has announced the expansion of its partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS), in a significant move to advance the application of generative artificial intelligence in business. This collaboration is set to enhance mutual clients’ capabilities in operationalising generative AI, providing a transformative edge in various industries.

Key Highlights of the IBM AWS Partnership

  • Training and Expertise: IBM Consulting plans to train 10,000 consultants in generative AI expertise on AWS by the end of 2024. This initiative will deepen IBM’s proficiency in AWS services and generative AI applications.
  • Joint Solutions and Services: The partnership will focus on delivering solutions upgraded with generative AI for critical business operations. These solutions will be built on AWS, integrating the power of AI into business and IT operations.
  • Strategic Focus Areas: The collaboration will initially revolve around three main areas:
  • Contact Center Modernization: Leveraging Amazon Connect, this solution aims to improve customer service interactions through AI-enhanced summarization and categorization.
  • Platform Services on AWS: Enhancing business serviceability and application availability with intelligent issue resolution and observability techniques.
  • Supply Chain Ensemble: Introducing a virtual assistant to optimize supply chain management processes.

The expansion comes at a time when the potential of generative AI in Africa is increasingly recognized. According to IBM’s report, “CEO Decision-Making in the Age of AI,” a significant majority of African CEOs acknowledge the broad benefits of generative AI across their organisations. This partnership aims to harness this potential, driving transformation and productivity in the region.

A notable aspect of this collaboration is the further integration of IBM Watsonx with AWS. This includes making available on AWS as a fully managed SaaS solution, accessible in the AWS Marketplace. Plans are also underway to integrate and Watsonx.governance by 2024.

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Leadership Comments

  • Bill Farrell, Managing Partner at IBM Consulting in MEA: He emphasized IBM’s commitment to delivering state-of-the-art generative AI solutions and expertise in the region. The focus is on empowering businesses with responsible AI to foster innovation and drive transformation.
  • Yasser Hassan, Head of AWS in Middle East, North Africa, and Turkey: He highlighted the partnership as a milestone in advancing AI capabilities in the Middle East, underscoring the joint commitment to value and innovation.

IBM and AWS have a long-standing relationship, with over 40 years of combined experience in AI solutions. IBM, as an AWS Premier Tier Services Partner, boasts extensive certifications and competencies in AWS services. This expanded partnership is an extension of their shared commitment to enterprise AI, emphasising a human-centric approach and responsible AI practices.

While IBM’s statements about future directions are subject to change, this expansion marks a significant step in leveraging hybrid cloud and AI technologies for business transformation. IBM Consulting, with its deep industry expertise and innovative methods, continues to be a trusted partner for many leading companies, driving modernization and security in complex systems.

This partnership between IBM and AWS is poised to reshape the landscape of generative AI in business, offering clients innovative solutions, dedicated expertise, and a pathway to harness the full potential of AI technologies.


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