Yango Play is an Entertainment Super App Designed for Arabic Speakers

Yango, a company specializing in adapting global technologies to local needs, has launched Yango Play, an entertainment platform that leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to offer a unique experience. The company claims Yango Play is the first of its kind in the region, seamlessly integrating video streaming, music, and mini-games into a single app.

The platform features a diverse selection of Arabic and international movies and shows. Additionally, it includes a music stream that the company says is meticulously curated and an assortment of engaging mini-games. Yango Play’s central feature is Yasmina, an advanced Arabic-speaking AI assistant designed to enhance the user experience through personalized recommendations and interactions. Yango Play is now available in Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and other GCC countries, with cross-platform support for smartphones and TVs.

Focus on Region-Specific Content

Yango emphasizes that Yango Play is designed with a strong focus on showcasing original content and spotlighting regional artists. The company says the platform is intended to serve as a launchpad for local talent while offering a diverse selection of entertainment that resonates with the cultural preferences of its MENA audience.

Yasmina: The AI-Powered Assistant

Yasmina, Yango Play’s bilingual AI assistant, is fluent in Arabic and English, and can understand a variety of Arabic dialects. The company says Yasmina is more than just a recommendation engine—she can engage in conversations and provide answers to a wide range of questions.

Personalized Music Experience

Yango claims that its AI algorithms power a personalized music streaming experience within Yango Play. The platform is designed to learn individual musical preferences and suggest regional hits while tailoring playlists to match user tastes.

Yango Play’s launch library already includes popular titles like the 2023 Arabic blockbuster “Mr. Ex” and the sequel to the classic “Awlad Harim Kareem.” The company says more titles will be added to the platform’s catalog of acquired and original films and series in the near future.

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