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Africa Technology Expo 2024 Set to Hit Lagos in June, Spotlight on African Tech

The 2024 Africa Tech Expo promises to be a landmark event in showcasing the vibrancy and innovation within the African Tech Ecosystem. The Expo, scheduled for the 22nd of June, 2024, under the thematic banner “Beyond Headlines, Into Solutions,” is designed not only to present the technological prowess of Africa but also to forge a deeper connection among the key players within the tech landscape. The event’s agenda boldly steps beyond mere discussions, venturing into actionable solutions that highlight Africa’s critical role in the global tech uprise.

At its core, the Africa Technology Expo is more than an exhibition; it’s a dynamic platform for startups, established companies, investors, and tech enthusiasts to engage directly with the latest technologies and innovations.

The Expo will feature the following:

  • Product Exhibition,
  • Africa Pitch Battleground,
  • Speed Networking,
  • Mixer,
  • Product Launch Showcase, and
  • Night Expo.

These components are meticulously planned to cover the entire spectrum of technological showcasing and networking, providing a holistic experience to all attendees.

Africa Tech Expo in Lagos, June 2024: showcasing innovation, fostering partnerships, and accelerating growth in the African tech ecosystem.

The Product Exhibition stands as a pivotal aspect of the expo, offering a firsthand look at the latest products and demos from burgeoning startups across the continent. This is an invaluable opportunity for participants to interact with new technologies, understand their applications, and envision their impact on the market and society at large. Concurrently, the Speed Networking and Mixer events are designed to catalyze partnerships and investment opportunities, creating a fertile ground for business growth and collaboration.

As the sun sets, the Night Expo marks the culmination of the day’s activities in an informal setting, where conversations continue, and deals are often finalized. This relaxed atmosphere is crucial for strengthening bonds formed during the day and fostering a sense of community within the African tech ecosystem.

A standout feature of the Africa Technology Expo is the Africa Pitch Battleground. This segment provides a competitive stage for startups to present their innovative ideas to a panel of judges and potential investors, embodying the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship that the expo seeks to promote. Additionally, the event’s Gamma program offers selected startups tailored benefits including dedicated workspaces, exclusive credits, and pitching opportunities, all designed to accelerate their growth trajectory.

The overarching aim of the Africa Technology Expo is to celebrate and showcase the technological capabilities within the African continent. It seeks to demystify the relationship between humans and technology, presenting technological solutions as an integral part of everyday life. This perspective is vital in fostering an environment where technology is seen not just as a tool, but as a partner in solving complex problems and enhancing the quality of life.

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