VFS Global Plans to Use AI in Visa Processing

VFS Global, a provider of technology and outsourcing services for diplomatic missions and governments worldwide, has entered into a partnership with the Responsible AI Institute (RAI Institute), a non-profit organisation from the USA focused on promoting responsible AI practices. This collaboration aims to integrate ethical AI practices in the development of AI solutions for visa processing.

Under this partnership, VFS Global intends to use the RAI Institute’s expertise to guide the development of AI solutions that are secure and ethical, aligning with the operational needs of visa processing. This initiative is part of VFS Global’s strategy to integrate AI in the areas of visa, identity, and citizen services. The collaboration is expected to support the company’s ongoing technological development, enhancing customer convenience while ensuring the security of services delivered to governments, including Kenya.

VFS Global will develop its AI solutions at its Development Centers located in Mumbai, Dubai, and Berlin. These centers will serve as collaborative platforms where VFS Global will work closely with client governments to develop AI solutions aimed at enhancing the efficiency, security, and user experience of visa processing systems. This approach allows VFS Global to maintain control over the development process, ensuring adherence to high standards of security and safety, and compliance with local and international regulatory frameworks.

The integration of AI into visa processing and citizen services, while aiming for enhanced efficiency and accuracy, also presents challenges, such as the risk of AI bias. AI systems can reflect biases present in the training data, which might lead to biased outcomes if the data includes historical inequalities or lacks diversity. Such bias could potentially lead to unfair treatment of applicants based on nationality, ethnicity, gender, or other factors, thereby affecting the fairness of the visa issuance process.

The partnership between VFS Global and the RAI Institute involves a commitment to develop AI solutions that adhere to ethical guidelines and are monitored for fairness and accuracy. The ongoing effort will focus on refining these AI systems to ensure unbiased decisions and prevent the perpetuation of existing disparities within governmental processes.

This partnership reflects VFS Global’s effort to integrate responsible AI practices in the development of technological solutions in the public sector. The collaboration with the RAI Institute aims to ensure that technological advancements meet operational needs while adhering to ethical standards.


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