Wednesday, December 2, 2020
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Jack Ngare, Managing director, African Development Centre: Change today is happening 10 times faster and at 300 times the scale of the First Industrial Revolution. The change is so momentous that it is referred to as the Fourth Industrial Revolution. And the clear consensus is that the pace of change is only going to quicken
Udacity and Google have teamed up to make a free course in Android Development available to all. The course is made complete with videos, quizzes, course materials and forums.   The course, 'Developing Android Apps: Android Fundamentals', provides you with everything...
I think being Apple's first try, the M1 chips are really good, but there's a lot more they must have held back before the transition is complete. I expect crazier numbers with the more powerful 13-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pros. And I expect even crazier performance with the iMacs and Mac Pros to come.
Airtel Kenya and Telkom Kenya are coming together for form Airtel-Telkom. Safaricom should sit pretty. No one has affected them yet.
53.34% Market Share by Opera. Followed by 38.02% for Chrome..... 40% of Kenyans using global mobile browser Opera Mini access online social media site Facebook, says a 2019 State of Mobile Web Report for Africa released by Opera.
Since 2017, Faiba 4G has the best bundle prices. Everyone else has re-priced their data bundles through the years, but no one has gotten to a point where they can confidently say they beat Faiba 4G's offers. Not even Telkom's Gbambe bundle. Which means, for a growing number of people, Faiba 4G remains the one network they can trust for data services.
We pack so much power into our smartphones yet use it for very little most of the times. It is a good thing that Razer is trying to put to good use all the extra RAM and Processing Power that's in their Razer Phone
Yearly, OLX sponsors the Social Media Awards, SOMA. This is actually the 2nd time so maybe I should not have said 'yearly' but anyway. The SOMAs recognize Kenyan companies plus individuals who use social media positively to impact lives....
Guest blogger talks about the now dead hoverboard craze
Safaricom has invited bids from companies to help it build profiles of their customers based on telephone usage, and location. Problem is this comes after Kenya passed a Data Protection law.
4 days on a single charge.... That's the claim TECNO has with their new TECNO Pouvoir 3 Smartphone that features a 5000mAh cell.
I don't think I can ever truly detach myself from Chrome on the phone. But I have for over 4 months now never used Chrome on my laptop. It used to be the first thing I'd install on my laptops, now I don't bother. I'm getting great battery life, the browser springs up to life in an instance, my extensions and plugins work well, and the scrolling is really smooth. The Google services that didn't seem to work well earlier on on Microsoft Edge also now work okay.
This is a crazy plan, and it will most likely lead to the collapse of the giant's social media platforms. Because why?
You can do almost everything on Chrome!