Sunday, September 20, 2020
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Guest blogger talks about the now dead hoverboard craze
Differences between CarPlay and Android Auto setup, voice controls, calling, messaging, navigation system, to audio and video - which should you go with? By Guest Blogger, Shweta Mehta
Airtel Kenya and Telkom Kenya are coming together for form Airtel-Telkom. Safaricom should sit pretty. No one has affected them yet.
When the PayPal MPesa link was down, many suffered and couldn't imagine another way of making ends meet.
“Everything at some point has been declared the root of all evil.” ― Criss Jami, Killosophy
I don't think I can ever truly detach myself from Chrome on the phone. But I have for over 4 months now never used Chrome on my laptop. It used to be the first thing I'd install on my laptops, now I don't bother. I'm getting great battery life, the browser springs up to life in an instance, my extensions and plugins work well, and the scrolling is really smooth. The Google services that didn't seem to work well earlier on on Microsoft Edge also now work okay.
Does Spotify hate us? They have the Best Music Platform. But you can't enjoy this in Africa. Unless you VPN.
Safaricom has announced plans to expand its e-commerce proposition Masoko to other countries in Sub-Saharan Africa by year 2020.
f you need a car and you have already picked out a model and all other details, you can choose to start keeping some money aside as you work your way up
It is 2016 and in some parts of the world people with money have bought the Tesla Model S or the Model X and are enjoying the semi-autonomous capabilities of these electric vehicles. Those who couldn't afford these two...
Facebook has been on my mind and lips for a while now. I should have attempted a post some time back but I couldn't access the site. Some of you might be having similar issues. That will be sorted...
The NTSA is proposing a ban on cashless payments for the matatu industry in a bid to promote cashless payments that are safer easier to track, and more modern. However, without proper thinking, the move could create more problems.
First it was Apple, and now Samsung has followed suit. The headphone jack is going away. The reasons given are all weird. And there's nothing we can do about it.
6 month upgrades make no sense
Article by Deryl Aduda. Follow him on Twitter @DerylAduda. "Vladimir Putin has dropped 800 tigers and lions all over the country to push people to stay home…. Stay...