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OPPO Reno 11F 5G Review: Familiar Difference!

If I were to get a review of a previous Reno I’ve made and present it as a review of the Reno 11F 5G, you wouldn’t know, and I wouldn’t be lying to you in any way. I believe I’ve said this many times: OPPO found a formula and ran with it. Yes, the formula still works, and we see it very clearly with the Reno 11F 5G. This is a slightly refined phone that’s still in the same price range as previous Reno devices. It still lacks the same things other Reno phones have lacked. It still packs the same things other Reno devices have shined with. And, it still is a good long-term use device to consider.

When you unbox it, OPPO is still offering you the same experience they always have. It still has super fast charging, an incredible AMOLED display, dust and splash resistance, and very clean software full of customisation options.

Let’s talk about it a little more.

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Reno 11F 5G Design:

One of the things I always love about switching to an OPPO Reno device when reviewing one is the shock that a phone can be so light in the hand. The body of the Reno11 F 5G is mostly plastic. I know that’s a material that tends to be very light, especially when compared to glass-finish phones with steel or titanium frames. But, you won’t know or even notice that the finish is plastic. The device shines outdoors and feels good to hold and use daily.

My major dislike is that there’s a single speaker at the bottom of the device. No stereo sound. It’s not fair for this price point. It’s crazy that the OPPO A60, which I’ve also been using, has dual speakers but is the more affordable phone. The single speaker means you will need Bluetooth headphones for all types of content you would require sound.

The OPPO Reno 11F 5G is a familiar, value-focused device with strong battery life, performance, and customisation options.


This is the same 6.7-inch sized display we’ve been accustomed to with OPPO Reno devices. This time around, though, there are a couple of nice features around panel brightness. The peak brightness now gets to 1100 nits. It is very usable outdoors, and even though I can say there are better displays, for the price point there’s really nothing to complain about. What I can’t stand behind is the lack of necessary certifications for HDR Playback on Netflix. HDR activates on YouTube without any issues. So, it’s just an update that’s required for HDR on Netflix — will OPPO issue one? I can’t tell. If you’re someone who watches a lot of Netflix content, that’s a thing to consider.


I am never one to care so much about comparisons and benchmarks. So, you would very rarely find me going into detail about the same in a review. I try out what matters to me, and give that feedback to you. So, if you’re like me — sometimes you play games, but most of the time you’re browsing socials, using Chrome and ChatGPT, using TikTok and Capcut — you won’t have issues with this phone.

The MediaTek 7050 plus the 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage is pretty standard, but also if it works, it works.

The OPPO Reno 11F 5G is a familiar, value-focused device with strong battery life, performance, and customisation options.

The best part, especially moving from the Galaxy S24 Base Model, is that this phone doesn’t heat up. I’ve had it plugged in and tethering 5G data to my other devices while driving under hot conditions, and the phone held up with no issues. Not even warm to the touch.

Battery life on the Reno 11F 5G:

Maybe I am not a good reference point for good battery life since, as I’ve pointed out, I am not a very heavy user. But I’d like to think that what I’ve been getting is what many of you will be getting, which is a full day of use with about 15-20% to spare. It charges fast, so if you’re a person who keeps the battery between 20% and 80%, you won’t have to wait long for a top-up.

Under settings, you can choose to have smart charging, where the phone will learn your habits and charge accordingly, or have it stop charging at 80% to help with battery aging.

The OPPO Reno 11F 5G is a familiar, value-focused device with strong battery life, performance, and customisation options.


(Watch YouTube Video for Camera Samples)

While numbers don’t matter, people are still, in some sense, attracted to the idea that huge cameras are better cameras. That’s why the back of this phone looks like it does. For some, this look is great; for others, they would prefer a camera layout that’s more laid back. I personally don’t mind it. The huge bump means it doesn’t wobble on a table when lying flat. The included case also eats up a portion of the camera bump.

The main 64MP camera is the highlight of this phone. That and the selfie camera. The other lenses are good aesthetic inclusions.

The Reno 11F 5G can shoot up to 4K 30fps with the

64MP lens. There’s a mode called Ultra Steady — which is really good, but it can only do 1080p 60fps max. The front camera can do 4K 30fps maximum. It also supports ultra steady mode, limited to 1080p 30fps.

There used to be a lot of softness with Reno images. I can’t say I’ve noticed that on the Reno 11F 5G.

Value for Money:

There are a couple of things here to talk about:

  1. Firstly, there’s the promise of software updates. The Reno 11F 5G will get 3 Android updates.
  2. Secondly, there’s the assurance of clean software. ColorOS is very clean. But not boring clean, it allows you to customize it in very many ways.
  3. Thirdly, competition is quite serious with devices from Samsung 2024 A-series, Xiaomi’s Redmi NOTE lineup, and even devices not in this market like the Google Pixel 7a.

So, while you consider getting one, there’s a list of devices that are also fighting for your attention. The usual conclusion here is this: If this device is within your budget – at KES 50,000 – and it is the device you’re eyeing because of a particular feature or look that you’re really drawn to, it is a good device that won’t disappoint. Tell me your thoughts on the OPPO Reno 11F 5G!

OPPO Reno 11 F 5G Review

Value for Money

Total Score

The OPPO Reno 11 F 5G offers a familiar user experience with a lightweight design, good performance, and standard features, but lacks stereo sound and HDR Netflix certification.

User Rating: 2.87 ( 5 votes)


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