Why You Shouldn’t Buy the Samsung S3 Lite

It’s being talked about on Social media and there’s even a competition now. Samsung always know how to keep us #teamsamsung. The Samsung Galaxy S3 Lite is not even 3 weeks old and already everywhere people want it especially due to its pricing. At only Ksh. 11000, this phone has got so many university students talking and methinks it’s because of the name “S3”, not the specs.

Galaxy S3 Lite. Image from hapakenya.com

Here are some things you probably did not know about the Galaxy S3 lite.

  •  It is not the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini. The S3 Mini is a totally different phone priced at about Ksh. 23000. You see the difference?
  • It has a single core 850 Mhz processor. This is unlike the S3 Mini which has a 1Ghz Dual Core Processor. Can it play games?
  • You get 512MB RAM. Which is good. And 4GB internal storage plus 50GB Dropbox cloud storage.
  • The S3 Lite has a very nice display. Though small, 3.5 inches, the HVGA LCD is obviously brilliant. Even for the pricing.
  • 3MP camera and no flash is what you get from the S3 Lite. No front camera therefore no video chats.
  • The phone supports high speed Bluetooth 4.0 with LE.
  • It has a good battery, I suppose. The 1300mAh rating is not that bad.
  • It runs Android Jelly Bean (v.4.1.) and I doubt it will be receiving updates.

The S3 Lite is only available in the Kenyan market. Read more and see the pictures from Techweez here.

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