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Samsung Galaxy K Zoom

Remember the Samsung Camera and the much hyped Samsung S4 Zoom? Well Samsung have thrown in another camera device to their range of Zooms: The Samsung Galaxy K Zoom.

Image: androidcentral.com

K stands for Camera (that’s if you’re German) so the Device is basically “Galaxy Camera Zoom” but that’s not what they called it…

The Company has long been trying to merge high end smartphone features with high quality camera specifications and up to date, they’re doing awesome especially with the previous Galaxy S4 Zoom which was quite something.

The Galaxy K Zoom is not just a phone camera, it is a high end phone running Android Kitkat and also contains most of Samsung’s Galaxy S5 features from the Ultra Power Saving Mode to the customized settings menus and S Health.

For Selfie addicts, this is the perfect Phone/Camera as there is this amazing feature called the selfie alarm which does just that: notifies you when taking a selfie…

Ok this is what you do:

      You turn on Selfie Alarm, then you set up a spot in the frame for where you want your face.


      Turn the phone around and point the rear camera at your face


    When you’re in the frame you had set, the K zoom beeps and then takes three pictures so you can select your favorite later.
Image: Mashable

It works incredibly well letting you take full advantage of the camera’s powers for your perfectly clear selfies.

Here’s the official video Intro of the Galaxy K Zoom:

What do you think of this phone camera?

Here is a post detailing all of the Galaxy K Zoom Specifications.

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