The switch off of analogue signals is just around the corner. You probably don’t want to be among the people who’ll be asking “hii TV ni mchele tu?” Or maybe you just want a new decoder. Here are some options you could choose from:

Note that local channels that are *free-to-air include: KTN, NTV, Citizen, Kiss TV, K24, KBC among others. *These should be accessible free of charge.

Also note that all these are CCK approved.

  • DSTV
    Offered by Multi-choice Africa. DSTV offers you Satellite TV at certain monthly charges. They have a couple of decoders you could choose from. Setting up needs a couple of things including a satellite dish. As of April 2015, the packages will retail from Ksh. 990 to Ksh. 8200 a month.


  • Zuku TV
    Zuku also offers you Satellite TV at certain monthly charges. They offer a Fibre Package for internet connections too. Their monthly Satellite packages range between Ksh. 900 to Ksh. 2400. Right now you can get full installation, including dish, at Ksh. 4000. Zuku is the best option if you are looking for internet services too. Zuku Fibre packages range between Ksh. 3000 to Ksh. 10000.


  • Startimes Pay TV
    By far the cheapest DVB-T2 Set-top box in Kenya currently. You don’t need anything apart from a normal antennae and the small box. Their Pay TV option requires you to pay monthly. Their cheapest package monthly is just Ksh. 149. They have a couple of decoders too. There’s the Pay TV SD which retails at Ksh. 199 and the Pay TV HD which retails at Ksh. 999. Of course you’ll have to pay Ksh. 1500 for the first Bouquet.


  • Startimes Free-to-Air decoder
    This is a onetime purchase. You buy once and forget everything. You will be able to access over 55 channels. The set-top box currently retails at Ksh. 3300. If you want to switch from your current Startimes Pay TV you can pay a one-time fee of Ksh. 2500 and become a fee-to-air subscriber.


  • Startimes Satellite TV
    This option gives you HD world class channels accessible through Satellite TV. You require a satellite dish and other accessories which make it costly. At Ksh. 8000 everything will be set up for you. Certain local channels are free for life.


  • GoTV
    Also offered by Multi-choice Africa. This is a DVB-T2 set-top box retailing at Ksh. 1399. Their packages range between Ksh. 600 to Ksh. 1200 a month.


  • Bamba TV
    This also is DVB-T2 set-top box that is free for life. You buy it once and you’re done. It costs Ksh. 3300. There are 3 types of decoders to choose from. You will get to enjoy over 55 local and international channels. Read more on their site here.


  • Hotpoint Free to Air Decoder
    This too has no charges for life. It costs Ksh. 3195. I am not sure on the number of channels you get for free but content is broadcast in full HD, 1080p. Read more about it here.


  • Technosat TS 1500HD Free to air Decoder
    This is a free to air Satellite TV receiver. You’ll need a dish to use this. Read more about it here.


  • GOSPELL HDT7205 
    This is a free for life DVB-T2 set-top box. Read more about it here. It costs Ksh. 5000.


    Free to air. Costs Ksh. 2995. Is available in supermarkets countrywide. Read more on it on their site here.


  • YAOJIN 1807
    Free to air. Costs Ksh. 3500. Read more about the box here.


  • iCLASS VA2102HD
    Funny thing is their site is all in Chinese right now. The box costs Ksh. 3300. Read more in Chinese here.


    This offers Christian Channels and is also free. Read more here. They also have satellite TV option.


There are many other decoders being sold that are approved by CCK. I didn’t list all of them since their respective websites weren’t accessible as I was writing this.

Now you won’t be left out when Analogue signals are switched off countrywide.

Is there a decoder you are using that I haven’t mentioned? Or is there something I have stated that isn’t right? Drop them off at the comment box.

Plus remember to let your friends know about the above options.


  1. I have a dvb t2*receiver but I can’t watch anything……. I can’t even change the country…… I can’t get the option for kenya…….

  2. Comment: some of the decoders I’e sky life mention 70 free to Air channels But this isn’t the case, we only view 21 channels, the 50 plus channels go scrambled. What can we do to view all free as it says so?

  3. i do use a decoder know as[ next ]there was a time some stations gets lost ,now is there away i can pay those other stations


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