500MB to 250MB, Airtel Club Night Shift Slashed

Airtel, in a move I find so discomforting and annoying, are slashing Club “20” Night Shift from 500MB to 250MB. So I have learnt from a text message.

I don’t know why they have decided to do this. Is it because of the UnlimiNET bundles they recently launched?

You will remember I did a post on the 500MB for 20 bob night shift. It was everything. You could fail to sleep to use this offer. Now that Safaricom gives you 100% more data (usable at night) every time you buy a bundle, this looks to me as the worst decision ever reached.

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One thing I have been complaining about the Airtel network is their speeds. I have suffered last week. Really suffered. Facebook is at times completely inaccessible.

Anyway, the Airtel UnlimiNET is the best offer for Talk Minutes, data and SMS combined. They just have one of the fakest TV ads. That Ad can’t convince. I bet the uptake of the UnlimiNET isn’t as expected. Meanwhile Safaricom keeps retaining customers even though they are still expensive.

Are you happy with this move? Will you still use the 250MB at 20 bob?


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