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I Have Windows 10; Here’s What to Know

I got Windows 10. Started downloading yesterday at about 1:10AM. Used Airtel Bundles. See, there’s this UnlimiNET for Modem that gives you 5GB of data for Ksh. 700. Good deal? Yes. Though Airtel is slow. So I had to sleep and wake up to find the download at 99%. But it worked!


  • If you are running a Genuine version of Windows 7, 8 or 8.1 you automatically qualify for a free Windows 10 upgrade. What I’ve noticed though with the few computers I have gone ahead to try and install on, whether your version of Windows was legally licensed or cracked, it has gone ahead to install.
  • If you had reserved your free upgrade last month and nothing has appeared in your updates like Windows 10, don’t worry. If you hadn’t seen that notification, no worries. You can go to ahead and download the media tool from Here is the link:
  • After that it will download Windows 10, download certain updates that depend on your version of Windows and then take almost 1hr setting up. Two computers have I installed and it took one hour on each. Thereafter, you will be welcomed for looooong as it sets up.

Anyway there’s a new desktop look, new music, new Microsoft Edge browser and many other things/

The browser is pretty good. I can’t call it awesome yet. Plus it still has the Internet Explorer logo, somehow. I’ll stick to Google Chrome. Which browser do you use?


There’s no Cortana. Not in Kenya. I don’t understand why? Can’t Cortana think while in Kenya? But I have Cortana for Android. You can read about that here. Update: My friend, just completed the installation and has Cortana. I don’t understand how that worked. Anyone with an idea?

You can add Apps from the revamped Store. Store looks good and even opens up faster than it did on Windows 8.1. Metro Apps launch on the desktop unlike in the past.

Generally everything is faster on Windows 10.

There’s a dedicated Task View button next to the Search which is also next to the new Start Button. The Task view button quickly shows you every Window Open and even allows you to have other Desktops that run simultaneous to the main Desktop. Did you get that?

See that over there is Desktop one. It has 4 windows. But at the bottom right corner there’s the option for creating a new desktop which will look completely new, no one would know, but will run other Windows. Cool? Well depends with what you’ll use this option for. And if at all you will.

Another thing you should know is that Windows 10 is made for all devices. Devs can create a single App that will run on Desktops, Laptops, Tablets and Mobile devices. Which is good news. You can change your layout on Windows 10 from Desktop Mode to Tablet Mode.

Have you got Windows 10 already? How’s it? Fun? Nope? Well I love my laptop more now than I did yesterday.

Any issues you have those who’ve tried installing.

Update 14hrs Later: Here are 10 things I love about Windows 10.

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