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Cubot H1; A Phone You Need to Check Out!

I have been telling a lot of people that I am sticking to the Infinix Hot Note because a). it is the best low end phone of 2015 and b). the battery. But I guess that all is about to change.

Kilimall’s flash sale brought me to their site on 11th November. And the sale had me on the site for like the whole day. I failed to order the mosquito net that was going for  Ksh. 111 by a whisker. You must have seen people everywhere posting about a Ksh. 1 iPhone 6. It was all Kilimall.

That’s how I stumbled upon a manufacturer called “Cubot”. I have to admit though, I had seen Facebook Sponsored posts of some phone retailers selling certain Cubot devices at ‘discounted prices’ and I had concluded that fake phones are taking over. I was even telling people not to trust these unknown phone models being shared across Facebook.

A Google search reveals to me that Cubot is a real company. Yes it is from China. Their website is cubot.net. And damn they have good smartphones. Beautiful smartphones!

They have wearables. They have other fun accessories too. But this post is going to focus on a device called the Cubot H1. The first device I really, badly want in almost 9 months. LOL, that’s not true. But anyway…

Cubot have better looking phones than this one. But that’s far from it. The thing that strikes me most about this device is not the design language or the material used or the screen. Or anything else. It is simple: 5200mAh battery!

I know you’re there wondering “What the hell?” If you aren’t you need help.

Let me shock you a little bit more. The phone retails at Ksh. 14800. Well that’s according to Kilimall. But they don’t have it in stock right now though. Aaaargh.

Let’s talk about this phone a little bit more now:

The Infinix Hot Note which I have time and again praised for its powerful battery life, plus the OTA updates that are consistently making it more awesome than most 30k+ smartphones, has a 4000mAh battery which lasts 2 days on normal use.

I don’t know what the upcoming new Infinix Hot Note, the Note 2, will have. On my article here I’ve stated that the battery will be anywhere between 4500 and 5200 mAh. I hope.

But this battery? 5200? Think of the things you can do with such a phone… Now stop. This phone can be used to charge other phones! Haha. Seriously though it can. And you get a special micro-usb cable to do that for you. So if your friend’s Samsung J1 has drained in 20 minutes, you can plug in your phone and charge it for them!

With such a big battery one asks questions like: How long will it take to charge? I don’t know. But it has a feature called Quick Charging. On the site, they claim that 30 minutes of charging this phone gives you a battery capacity similar to that of normal phones. Whatever normal phones are.

I want this phone. Here are some other specifications:

Cameras: Front camera is 8MP. Back camera is 13MP

Storage: 16GB. I hope it is expandable.

Processor: 64-bit Mediatek Quad Core Processor clocked at 1Ghz.

RAM: 2GB RAM. It is 2015 anything less than 2GB RAM is a joke.

One more awesome feature in this phone is that it can be used as a remote control for TVs and Air Conditioners. There’s already 2853 different kinds of devices it supports.

‘Cheap phones are becoming awesome by the day. Awesome phones are becoming cheap.’ There’s a race to the bottom.

You can read more about the phone here.

Tell me what you think. It is awesome right?


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  1. Interesting to note that several ppl had issues with Tecno H6 – got it as an emergency when my Infinix X570 had an issue over xmass last year, sold it off once I got it back, and met the person I sold it too. He’s got no qualms with it. Tried selling the idea of a hotnote, battery and camera, but will only reluctantly dispose of it.
    Guess I’ve been fortunate with the two pieces I’ve had

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