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Lenovo A6000; My Quick Thoughts & Price in Kenya

Okay so I am going to give you my thoughts about this phone. I know, it should have caught my eye earlier. It did. I just don’t know why I didn’t feel like writing about it. Here it is:

Something must have been wrong with me. Why I have been forgetting this device even on my 4G list is a wonder. But better late than never. It is a good time to talk about it though. Safaricom are selling it at Ksh. 17000.

The phone was launched in January 2015. And I guess the fact that there’s nothing striking about it, except for 4G networks support, is what made me not write anything about it.

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First of all according to me, with what it offers, it is a little over priced.

These are the specs:

Display: It is a 5 inch device with a resolution of 720×1280 pixels. That is about 294 pixels per inch.

Camera: Front camera is 2MP. Back camera is 8MP.

Storage: Internal storage is only 8GB. But one can expand with an external microSD card up to 32GB.

Processor: It has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 Quad Core Processor clocked at 1.2GHz.

RAM: 1GB RAM. This is very little for 17k.

Android Version: It launched with Android 4.4 Kitkat. I stopped writing about Kitkat long ago. I don’t know whether or not this device has received an upgrade to Lollipop.

Battery: 2300mAh. Some sites are giving this battery a 7/10. I don’t get it. But I hope this battery does more than 6 hrs on normal use.

I can’t say much on this device as I haven’t used it. It has a good feel, well built and designed. But in terms of performance… Any of you used it? Tell me about it. I’ve only touched it.

Would I get it at 17K? I doubt. Those specs aren’t worth 17k right now. Especially with cheap devices like the Infinix Android One or amazing ones like the Cubot H1.

I have a Lenovo laptop. And it is good. Especially at the price. But that’s as much as I have interacted with Lenovo products. I hope to see better spec’d devices from them soon, and at good prices.

Tell me your thoughts.


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