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Here’s the TECNO Boom J8; What to Expect

I know you all remember the TECNO Boom J7. I did some articles about it on this site. And I remember back then all I cared about was the Infinix Hot Note but the device captured my attention. Especially the design and the earphones. The earphones!

Update: TECNO Boom J8 Full Review

I once snatched the device from someone (hehe) and after a day of begging them to switch phones with me (which they refused), I decided to get the Boom Player (which I reviewed here) and buy the earphones from them. The person refused to sell the

Anyway, you all have been seeing a lot of articles on the upcoming TECNO Boom J8. A lot of Tech sites are excited. This is the NEXT music phone from TECNO – I expect. And the rumours here and there are pitching it to be a very exciting phone with very good specs and a new operating system that’s based on Android.

I recently wrote what to expect of the Infinix Hot 3, and seems like I got a few things right. So let’s make a gamble here from the rumors and the “confirmed” stuff. And from this image below. Yes here’s the TECNO Boom J8:


Here’s what I expect of the phone.

Display & Design:

A 5.5 inch full HD device. The design looks good! Remember I wrote an article here about how the iPhone design revolutionised smartphone designs. This design borrows a lot from there, doesn’t it? Look at the volume and the power buttons. It looks like the back is removable. It is made of plastic, I think, with that metallic bar going round. You must agree it looks really good.


The back camera doesn’t protrude. Not like that of the phone whose design it has copied. I don’t expect a bad camera on the J8. The J7 camera was good. Nothing out of the ordinary at the time of its release.

This device falls in TECNO’s line of Music phones. The Camons are the ones which are camera phones. So I don’t expect anything very exciting – like 16MP or more – from this camera.

Most phones launching right now feature 13MP back cameras. That’s what I think this phone will come with.

So a 13MP back camera and a 5MP front camera. What do you think?

It is a trend now for the front camera to have LED flash… So maybe.

Storage, Processor, RAM:

I don’t want anything less than 2GB RAM. We already established that on the list of best phones under 10K remember? But this phone won’t be under 10k. It’ll cost between 12k and 15k I presume. The Boom J7 launched at 12k.

Processor may be an Octa-core 1.4GHz Mediatek chip.

On storage, I think we will still see 16GB internal with the option for expandable storage. Or maybe even 32GB internal since it is a music phone? But that might raise its price now, wouldn’t it?

Android Version:

Now this is the big gamble. We haven’t seen any affordable mid-range or low-end phone launch with Android 6.0 Marshmallow. Yet Android N is already almost here!

What is for sure is TECNO is working on a new OS called HiOS and this device will launch with it. The new OS is built on top of (rather based on) Android. What version of Android it will based on is not known.

People are betting it will be on Android Marshmallow. Maybe we will still be on Android 5.1 and then later on an update to 6.0. But we’ve seen TECNO talking of #AndroidMarshmallow on Twitter for a while now… So I don’t know.

There you go! The phone will launch next Month. And I will have a full review, I hope, here as soon as it launches.

Tell me what you think in the comment sections below.

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