Problems with the Infinix Zero 3 (X552)

So I have just given you 7 things I love about the Infinix Zero 3 and some are asking what are some of the bad things (cons/problems) with the device. Below I will list some. They are not necessarily big must-be-addressed concerns. They may even be good for some people. But for me, they are problems/issues that I dislike.

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The Zero 3 is very light. Very very light. And I have listed this as a good thing on my other list of things I love. But here it becomes a problem as sometimes, when absent-minded or when busy, you may forget you’re holding the phone, or that it is in your pocket and it may slip and fall. Being that light, one can easily be pickpocketed and won’t probably realise.



The design of the phone makes it also very very slippery. Super slippery infact. It can’t stay on top of many surfaces without sliding off. If you put it on vibrate mode and place it next to the edge of a table for example, it will slide and fall off when a notification arrives. I wish there were skins in Kenya. Do you know of any company selling phone skins? They will sure help with the phone’s slipperiness.



When using the phone, and I mean really using it you’ll feel it slightly heat in the back next to the camera. When you love your device, and when it is new you’ll feel bad when it heats. But I think as you go on using it you forget/neglect the heating.

When charging it also heats. But that’s normal as the charging is super fast. Don’t use your phone while charging.



The cameras are awesome. The only issue is that the back camera which supports 4K videos, is that it saves videos in 3GP format instead of MP4. Meaning you can’t view your videos when you export them to say your computer. This can and should be fixed by a system update.

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All Infinix Phones now come with XUI their skin on top of Android. It closely resembles vanilla Android. The major problem with XUI is it lacks proper formatting on many apps. On Gmail, Facebook, Google+ and many other apps, you cannot see “BOLD” items. For example on Gmail you can’t differentiate between read and unread emails. The ‘boldness’ of unread emails is not there.

Similarly on Facebook everything is in normal font. The #hashtags and names of people, pages etc are not in bold as you should be used to.

Infinix should have fixed this long ago.


No Earphones:

The phone comes with no earphones. And that is bad.

However audio on this device is awesome. Get some good headphones/earphones and you’ll enjoy what Infinix calls Hi-Fi grade music.


Non-removable Back:

The back is non-removable. That’s not how I should put it actually. The whole phone is a brick. You can’t open it up. And it is very very premium looking. Plus it feels very good to hold and touch. But the non-removable battery and non-openable back is a problem/drawback to many users.

To change your Sim card or SD Card requires some effort with a pin provided and can be a hustle.



So there you go. If you have the phone you can share with us some other issues you face.

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