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7 Things I love about the Infinix Zero 3 (X552)

Remember I spent quite some time with the Infinix Zero 3 and gave you a full review of the device. Still there are many people asking me questions on the phone and wondering whether or not to buy it. I would say go for it. I loved it!

Here are some things that really stood out for me with the phone:


The phone has a 5.5 inch display. And I have handled many 5.5 inch devices but this is by far the lightest 5.5 inch phone I have ever used. It is super light you’ll be amazed. At first I was like is there a battery in there. Then I remembered you can’t open the phone nor remove the battery so and I was amazed by just how light it felt.

Nice design & finish: 

It being this light, one would be pessimistic about how good the design actually is. But the phone is very nicely done! Shiny, super beautiful and feels really premium. You won’t believe you’re holding a $180 smartphone. And that at that price it is a flagship phone!


I know many people have these devices with very low quality (and some outright bad) displays. Any phone with a resolution of less than 720p shouldn’t be allowed in 2016.

This phone comes with a 1080p display. And it is good. The colours are wow and your eyes will be amazed if you are moving from any of these normal phone displays.

Seriously, try and watch full HD video on the Infinix Zero 3 and you’ll feel what I am saying.


The back camera is the highlight of the device and trust me you, this camera is nice! 20.7MP sensor from Sony. Read my full review of both cameras here.

The front camera functions very well even in low light. Plus it has a front flash too.

Performance & speed:

3GB RAM plus a 64-bit Octa-core processor clocked at 2.0GHz! Never ever did the phone hang. Watch this video of just how fast the device is. I am serious, it is incredible.

Charging Speed:

The 3030mAh battery is good and lasts long at normal use. But when your battery is getting low and you need to charge it up a little bit, just plug your phone in and wait for even 10 minutes and you’ll have enough power to last you very long. Like seriously. Wake up with 15%, plug it in, go take a shower, pick it up at 60%+. The charger is amazing.

I liked using the charger to charge my other devices as they’d juice up really quick. But that’s not recommended. Only use the charger a phone comes with!

Audio quality:

The phone came with no earphones. And that was a drawback. But I have these headphones and playing music from the Zero 3 shocked me. Well I expected something good. But it was really good! Infinix says the phone supports Hi-Fi grade audio. I wish they included earphones though.

But, for good music, we are waiting for the TECNO Boom J8 now aren’t we?

So there you go. Those are the 7 best things I can say about the Infinix Zero 3. If you need any more clarifications read

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Go ahead and get the phone and I’m sure you’ll love it. They should name it the Flagship Killer of the year.

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  1. what about these three things…
    1 Call quality
    2 Signal strength
    3 Sunlight readability of screen


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