I am giving away TECNO Boom Headphones

Okay people stop emailing me. On my TECNO Boom J8 full review I only asked whether or not I should give away the headphones. I didn’t say exactly that I was.

TECNO Boom J8 Headphones

Anyway I am giving them away. And I don’t want to randomly (and silently) give one lucky person. I want everyone who wants them to stand a fair chance to get them. Except if you are not Kenyan because I can’t pay air fees to Uganda, Nigeria, Ghana or Pakistan man.

Here’s what to do to get the headphones:

  1. Be a Kenyan.
  2. Be a Subscriber (I can see everyone who wants them and isn’t a subscriber)
  3. Tell me why you want them in the comments section below
  4. Get a friend if you can to back you up
  5. Optionally, it’ll be good if you follow me on Twitter or Instagram @DicksonOtieno and if you like my page

I will announce the lucky person who gets the headphones after 11 days.

How do you get your headphones if I select you?

Simple and easy! I will mail them to a physical address you give me using a local courier service. You won’t pay for the delivery (because you’re lucky/happy…)

So share this with anyone who wants free headphones and let’s see the best reasons and the best backing! I hope you are not that many :-)


  1. 1st and foremost nice reviews I have voted for this blog on bake awards not that because I really want the headphones but if it helps my chances the better lol. I really need the headphones I am an audiophile and what better way to thank a dedicated fan and subscriber see what I did there plus if I win them I’ll even help you review them lol

  2. 1st., thank you for the opportunity to get the Headphones and the Tecno boom Review. I believe I’ll win because I am an Addicted Audiophile, and they would really go a long way in my transcription job, requires really clear Audios,

  3. I need this headphones….since I love music and I do not have quality external peripheral… Am also a keen follower of Techish kenya

  4. I want the headphones since if im a regulaur reader of,im interested in tech and will always never considered a device untill its reviewed by tecish.learnt alot from here and still expecting more as we grow bigger together,THE BEST TECH BLOG ???

    1. I love the reviews and explanations such that even referring a friend to it makes me fell good because i know never disappoints

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