It’s been 11 days. Here’s who gets the Boom Headphones

I would have surely randomly chosen the person to get the headphones. I had planned to get everyone’s name in tiny pieces of paper, mix them up and then choose one.

I hadn’t planned to recheck my comment system on though. I had not planned to revive Facebook comments for some. I had not considered doing away with Disqus comments because it affects a large amount of people. I had not planned on getting Facebook messages to my page asking for the headphones.

Anyway it is 11 days and I decided to pick one person.

They are just cheap headphones so don’t go get angry you didn’t get them. Only one person could get them anyway.

In future they’ll surely be better organised phone giveaways. Like really good phones for free.

I decided to pick one Levis Kariuki whose story got me (Well the spelling too).

Winner Headphones TechishBut nevertheless I’d feel really good if a 45yo musician gets headphones as their gift on their birthday.

BTW, If you have an Infinix Hot 3 please contact me as soon as you read this. There’s something for you people.

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