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Camera Test: Infinix Zero 4 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 5

A friend has the Samsung Galaxy Note 5. So I decided to put the Infinix Zero 4 camera to the test. We took a few photos of the same things.

The Galaxy Note 5 is the immediate predecessor to the infamous Note 7 that was exploding. It is a high end phone with high end specifications.

Galaxy Note 5 with casing

The sample photos uploaded here have been (equally) compressed for easier uploading and easier web view.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5:

The Note 5 has a 16MP back camera with OIS and f/1.9 aperture. These are the photos it took.

Sample 1

Point and shoot

Sample 2

Natural lighting

Sample 3

Close up

Infinix Zero 4:

Zero 4

The Infinix Zero 4 is a budget flagship with agreeably high-end specs in the camera department. The 16MP back camera has OIS and a f/2.0 aperture. The camera also uses lasers for faster and accurate auto focus. These are the photos it took.

Sample 1

Point and shoot

Sample 2

In natural lighting

Sample 3

At close range

Your take?

Which one do you think is the better camera? And why?

The Infinix Zero 4’s laser autofocus makes it perform very well with close-up photos and in low light environments.

Let me get your thoughts on the camera.

The full review of the Infinix Zero 4 is here. And you can get it from Jumia.

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