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Infinix Zero 4 X555 Review

A great and affordable flagship!

Writing the review for the Infinix Zero proved a challenge at first. Finding a way to make sure I don’t leave anything out was a problem. So instead of trying to talk about everything I will present to you what I really liked about the phone, and what I found bad or lacking about it. You can read the Unboxing and First impressions post to know the exact device specifications.

I want you to know that this is the review of the Infinix Zero 4 not Zero 4 Plus. I haven’t had the opportunity to use the Plus.

The Zero 4 is $180 only and that for me, makes it a very interesting flagship. Interesting and special.

Having had the Phantom 6 Plus prior to the Zero 4, I was sure I wouldn’t love the Zero 4. I was prepared to dump it after like 2 weeks. But that hasn’t happened at all. I am still using the Zero 4.

What’s in the Box?

Though it is not comparable to the Phantom 6 Plus in terms of specs, it has proved to be not only a beautiful device, but also a device that anyone can comfortably use every day no matter what type of user you are. Whether you are active on Social Media, a gamer, a reader, a movies person, this phone can serve you satisfactorily.

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This phone has the best display I have used this year. Its 2.5D Glass design that covers the whole front of the screen gives the illusion of curved edges that make it a constant beauty to behold. It renders text, images and videos in a crispy, pleasant and refreshing way. Whether indoors or outdoors, you’ll just love looking at the screen. Whether reading or browsing or watching something, this display will get you…

Check out that Front Glass Panel!

The screen is Gorilla protected. You cannot scratch it with keys or coins. And close to one month later, it is still as good as new.

To be absolutely honest, I previously held the belief that 5.7 inch screens and above are my preferred screen sizes. The Infinix Note 3 was just perfect. So was the Phantom 6 Plus. But when I started using the Zero 4 things changed. It is surely the perfect size… I remember writing on my Google Keep when preparing for this review that I didn’t know I loved 5.5 inch screens.

“I didn’t know I love 5.5 inch phones until I used the Zero 4.”

The phone has soft buttons instead of on-screen buttons. Which is a welcome thing. Not only does it give the phone more screen to body ratio, it also makes the device feel perfectly compact.

The Display just gets you from any angle!

The only problem is that these soft buttons don’t light up and are just dots with no shape. You fumble learning which one is the Back button and which one is the Recent apps button. You fumble in dark places finding the buttons. This was a very wrong move by Infinix.


Before getting the device, I had thought that I’d hate the design. For real. I expected something quite bulky and boring.

But I am constantly amazed by just how generally enticing the phone is on the hand. Thin, full glass front panel. Full metal body back. Nice LED notification light. Nice back camera placement. Nice fingerprint placement. Perfectly polished. Curved edges. Very light too: feels very premium. It still amazes me that it is just 18k.

The Earphone Jack is at the top. Notice the transparent back cover?

The added transparent back cover is so good I cannot leave it behind. And I hope I can find a replacement once this one is too old to have.


Like I said in my unboxing post, the front camera is amazing. That’s that. There’s nothing more. The clarity and colour perception of the front camera is on point.

Here’s a selfie the owner will not be so happy I used :-)

The 16MP back camera is a setback from last years Infinix Zero 3‘s 21MP camera. But there are handy additions that make this camera a top-notch camera.

Next to Camera bump are the Dual LED Flash and the Laser transmitter and receiver

Yes this is a camera you can comfortably put head-to-head with expensive phone cameras. That’s because the camera features two premium features: Optical Image Stabilisation (OIS) and Laser Auto Focus. 

OIS is a technique in cameras where the lenses of the camera physically move to compensate for camera movement and thus reduce shaky or blurry photos and videos.

Having laser autofocus means, the camera is equipped with a laser transmitter and receiver. The phone will emit an infrared laser, which bounces off the subject and returns to the receiver on the phone. The receiver notes down the time taken by the laser to return. The speed of the laser is constant. Speed is distance divided by time. And with quick, simple math, the camera knows the distance to the subject. Just like that, the subject will be brought into focus, and the image is taken. (Read more). Lasers are extremely fast and the whole process happens almost instantly.

Check out the Camera test: Infinix Zero 4 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

Laser AutoFocus helps with quickly focusing on objects, close-up photography, and taking pictures in low-light areas.

If you follow @TechishKenya and @DicksonOtieno on Instagram you have most definitely seen the photos the Zero 4 Camera takes.

Sample 1:


Sunset. #Zero4

A photo posted by Tech-ish.com ?? (@techishkenya) on

Sample 2:


Night life #Zero4

A photo posted by Tech-ish.com ?? (@techishkenya) on

Sample 3:


Shot on #Zero4

A photo posted by Tech-ish.com ?? (@techishkenya) on

Sample 4:

Dat focus!

For videos samples check out this video I uploaded on YouTube.

If you want a good camera phone, the Infinix Zero 4 is a phone you must consider.

In my unboxing, I mentioned that the camera settings like HDR etc. lacked. I was wrong. It is just that the interface is hard to understand. Swiping from right to left reveals the various camera settings.

What this camera doesn’t have is the ability to shoot slow-mo videos. I would love for that to be included.

I would also love to see the PRO mode of the camera made a lot easier for many more users to understand and use. It is however a nice inclusion for Infinix to have a PRO mode for all the PRO users who understand WB, ISO, ME, EV, MF and all that.


The biggest drawback of the Zero 4 from last year’s Zero 3 is the shift from the Helio processor. But that is something I haven’t felt in my usage.

Power Button. Volume Rockers and the SIM Cards slot

RAM stays the same at 3GB and storage has been doubled to 32GB. You still have your expandable storage without affecting your Dual SIM Cards option.

Like I said above, this phone can satisfy any type of user. It handles all tasks I’ve given it pretty smoothly.


The 3200mAh battery cannot be said to be very good or very pleasing when you use it on 4G or 3G only. But maybe that’s because I am used to 4000mAh batteries.

On a normal day, at about 10pm I’ll still have like 11% remaining. That’s with usual shifts between Wi-Fi and 4G internet.

Here’s are screenshots of the phone at 1% after a normal day.

15hrs of use. Close to 6hrs Screen-on time. 1% still has 9 mins to go.

The best thing about the battery however is the ability to FAST Charge. When you need a boost, plug in the phone and you’re good to go after a few minutes. That’s how I have been surviving heavy days when I’m constantly on phone and on 4G.

Other Things:

The fingerprint scanner is fast and accurate. I feel like this is what I say with all fingerprint scanners I have used this year. But it’s the truth. The Zero 4’s fingerprint scanner allows you to unlock the phone, receive phone calls, take photos, scroll through photos in the Gallery, make payments and even sign in to Google accounts on different devices.

The transparent back cover hides the camera bump

The phone also has a magnetometer – basically an instrument that measures magnetism. This is used in the device’s compass which I have found to be always accurate.

What’s not Good?

  • The phone doesn’t support 5GHz Wi-Fi. This was especially surprising for me. This is because even the Infinix Hot Note that was only 9k supported 5GHz Wi-Fi.
  • The camera bump. I know that being thin means the camera has to protrude. But this protrusion means one has to be very careful when placing the phone on surfaces. I’m just glad the transparent back cover caters for the protrusion.
  • Heating when using 3G or 4G sometimes. The device gets hot when using 3G internet. Sometimes, rarely, it gets hot when using 4G internet.
  • No USB type-C. Why? WHY?


The Infinix Zero 4 like its predecessor wins it for me by offering high end specs at a budget. Getting those good cameras, the nice build and form factor and the good performance for less than 20k is unheard of. Kudos to whoever made that possible.

You can get the Infinix Zero 4

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Ask any questions you might have.

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