There’s this thing that’s happening of late with me since finishing school. I’m reading a lot on cars.

Of course I cannot think of getting a car right now. But it is good to know a little about vehicles. They’re exciting.

My all time favourite car, as many know, would be anything self-driving from TESLA motors. But I still think we can’t have self driving cars in Kenya just yet. Anyway, if and when I am to get a car it would be the Subaru Forester or the Toyota RAV4.

RenaultKwid Back and Side
The side and back view

Anyway Renault Kenya (@RenaultKenya) have had me reading about their Renault Kwid a lot. They’re, apparently, offering it for just Ksh. 1 Million inclusive of VAT.

Now “just” is a bit pretentious on my end. But think of getting a brand new car at 1 Million Kenya shillings.

I don’t know yet which variants are in Kenya. The image shared on Twitter suggests Renault’s Easy-R technology.

Easy-R technology is Renault’s take at Automated Manual Transmissions. Automated Manual Transmission eliminates the need for the clutch and changing of gears. But this isn’t the traditional take to automatic gear driving which is not only expensive but also not very fuel efficient. So on the Kwid instead of getting a gear box you get a knob that has only has Drive, Neutral and Reverse.

Renault Kwid Interior
Inside the Kwid. Notice no gearbox. Source

Aimed for the Indian market when it launched, the car has sold many units there even becoming the 6th Best selling car in India as of September 2016.

The Renault Kwid is a small but nicely done car. The interior though not very spacious in terms of room from the images I’m seeing, looks comfortable enough. The trunk is not that big. But can be expanded to fit in more luggage in the event of travels and road trips.

Many reviews of it online suggest a very good city car due to its size, design and fuel efficiency.

If you are looking for a new car, and don’t want to get second-hand vehicles, you might consider the Kwid. Here’s Renault Kenya’s website. You can book a test drive with them.

There’s also this post here on how to afford the car you really want.

By the way, Volkswagen recently opened an assembly in Kenya and we are waiting to see the Polo Vivo for Ksh. 1.6 Million brand new.

Anyway watch this video review:


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