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Facebook is copying Snapchat in every way because Stories are the Future

From Instagram, to WhatsApp, to Messenger, and now to the Facebook App

One could argue that it is illegal what Facebook is doing or has done. Because it pretty much feels like a complete rip-off of Snapchat’s unique feature!

  • It started with Instagram. And people started creating Stories
  • They went on to WhatsApp and called it Status
  • They went on to Messenger “Day”
  • And here they are on your default Facebook App:
Facebook Stories

I think it would have been cool if they implemented Snapchat’s idea on just one of their products. Say Instagram only. But forcing it into every service…?

It is now up to the teens (Snapchat’s main user base) to see which service they’ll prefer most.

I remember a post I wrote where I said “Snapchat could be the future of social networking“. That was long ago before Facebook decided to copy everything.

How they appear in App

People will be sharing stories more and more in the future. Yes stories are the future and for a second I believed Snapchat were winning, and shining, had the keys, and were all the way up.

What are your thoughts on the “Snapchatisation” of every Facebook product?

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