Safaricom Open Day July 2017 – What are you getting?

The Safaricom Open Day is running from June 28th to July 2nd. And as always this is the time for Safaricom to slash prices for their devices.

Yes, of course, all the devices sold through them are single-SIM, but if you have no problem with that, then go ahead and check out the phones.


  • Neon Kicka – Ksh. 2999
  • Lenovo A1000 – Ksh. 4999
  • TECNO S1 Pro – Ksh. 4999
  • Huawei Y3ii – Ksh. 5999

These are basically phones for first timers. Or backup devices. None has impressive specs. You get free 100MBs.

The higher you go from here the more the free MBs you get. With upto 1GB free internet.

Hapo “mid” range:

  • Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime Plus – Ksh. 8999
  • TECNO DroiPad 7D – read my review of this nice tablet
  • TECNO N6s – Ksh. 6999
  • TECNO N8s – 7999
  • TECNO S6s – 8499

Hapo agreeable:

  • TECNO N9s – Ksh. 11,999
  • Huawei GR3 – Ksh. 19,999
  • TECNO CXs – Ksh. 18999 – read my review 

Huko juu:

  • Huawei GR5 – Ksh. 29,999
  • TECNO WinPad 2 – Ksh. 35999 – read my review
  • Huawei Mate 9 & P10 – Ksh. 64999

Which of these devices are you getting? Ama namna gani?


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